Tiny Dancer

i live in a large building called Tupelo.  It houses 17 communards and is something of an architectural marvel in my mind.    There are 4 living rooms, which is nice, but what is precious is that the main living room is isolated from all the bedrooms in the building by at least two doors and a hallway.  This means you can have a full fledged party raging in the main LR and everyone can sleep with minimal disturbance.  So it was last night.

Marilyn has interned and guested  several times over the last few years.  Apparently, everytime before this one there had been a dance party during her visit.  When Trout heard that she was about to break her streak by leaving without a dance party, he did what any self respecting funologist would do.  He organized one in almost no time.

Tupelo was adorned with a giant spider web, lights aimed towards disco balls and the cuddle loft was cleaned up and prepped.  The party started late by Twin Oaks standards, because there had been a recital earlier in the evening.  But Willow and i went up at what we thought was on time to find a beautiful set up and no dancers.  Undeterred, my son started swirling to the music on the dance floor provided by Sabine.  If he did not need other dancers, i thought i could jump in to.

Susan Posey, Willow and myself at Robert and Theas wedding

It is impossible to be a parent in community and not contrast your own upbringing with that of your child.  Self consciousness and social pressure keep people off dance floors.  My son, in this setting appears unaffected by these forces (very unlike me when i was growing up).  He jumps and kicks and does ninja moves and leaps onto me with an air of liberation i find enchanting and inspiring. Even when the dance floor gets crowded, with no other kids in sight, he continues on.  Sometimes with me carrying him, sometimes running amongst the other dancers, sometimes collapsing on the floor for dramatic effect or perhaps just for fun.

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

3 responses to “Tiny Dancer”

  1. Abigail says :

    While self consciousness and societal pressure may have kept you off the dance floor while you were younger it unfortunately doesn’t seem to do so now. Im not saying that I dont love your dancing, but I had just hoped the societal pressure of my high school peers might have kept you from showing your stuff at my reunion…But yes, its true, I could have brought a different date.

  2. villagesinthesky says :

    My dear friend Rabbit once said “Paxus dances like he is listening to an instrument which has not yet been invented.” Perhaps this was what you saw

  3. feonix says :

    this is what i want

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