musings on mafias

i got to go to St Mary’s today.  It is an idyllic campus on the Maryland peninsula, where i drove today to give a couple of presentations on Village in the Sky (VIS) and one on polyamory.  It has always been my hope that this honors college would be a feeder school for Twin Oaks and Acorn, a number of friends of mine are graduates (Gpaul, Heather, Tim, Jon/Goat, Stephanie).  I was just bopping in for a day, but the larger group we sent (Keyvah, Gpaul and Jon) had done a number of  classes and presentations on our communities.

For years now i have been calling this group and others affiliated with it the St Mary’s Mafia.  And while it is quite different from contemporary organized crime, i like to believe that the Cosa Nostra would be happy to be affiliated with this group which builds rogue tree houses, run renegade seed businesses and sends troops off to Burning Man.

Mafia Family Tree

i was painfully reminded by the low attendance at the VIS workshops that i depend on good logistics organizers, often lovers of mine like Keyvah or Hawina or Sara to help manifest these events well.

But the polyamory workshop was well attended and one participant was interested in how poly family works.  I only briefly told him about what i think is one of the most important the success story of my life.  The vignette goes like this:

Adult: “Hey Willow, i understand you have two dad’s.”

Willow: “Yeah, i guess i lucked out.”

A little family discussion

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