Not what other people are doing

i crashed a psycho-drama conference this weekend.  i learned a bit about sociometry for measuring social relationships and about the living newspaper.

break out of your boxes

i dont think many people crash professional conferences of this type.  It was as accessible as making a duplicating of one of the name tags. And being nice to the charming other participants.

My charming nefarious accomplice Mz Abigirl and i watlzed into the Presidents reception, enjoyed the fancy food and hobnobbed with some of the other participants until one of the apparent organizers of the event did not seem to recognize my name from my nametag.  Perhaps next time i pull this stunt i will be Pat.

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

4 responses to “Not what other people are doing”

  1. Nathan says :

    Thanks for sharing the link about Sociometry!

    I’m very interested in this sort of thing, and hope to get more folks here at DR paying attention to it as well 🙂


  2. patty says :

    I love that you simply hijacked one of them name tags in order to get into this conference.

  3. Abigail says :

    You forgot to mention the great food at the Presidents Reception…But I win the bet, even though your presence was appreciated they did not ask about when you left. Which is good, because it is somewhat important to be inconspicuous when breaking into a $500 conference (and we all know inconspicuousness is not your strong suit).

  4. Joan Mazza says :

    You were at the ASGPP in Philly? I know many of the people there and most of the presenters, including Sue McMunn, the pres. How was it?
    Sociometry would be very useful in community. I did some psychodrama when I was in Radical Honesty at TO.

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