Almost famous – journeys in Babylon

So the CNN piece on Twin Oaks is up and you can link it here.

But the best part is that there is a story.  Clementine who is featured prominently in this video was off the farm at a craft fair.  She walked into her hotel room, turned on the TV and saw a shirt that she recognized and then she recognized the person wearing the shirt, which was her!

CNN video of Clementine at Twin Oaks

For someone who is a bit of a renegade from Babylon this was a bit shocking, in a comic weird way.

hanging gardens of Babylon

Curiously in the Heroes home schooling fantasy role playing game i am organizing, we are currently rescuing the hanging gardens of Babylon by sending our young adventurers back through a time machine and building an Archimedes Screw and negotiating with agrarian cultures and beavers who are diverting the water.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

2 responses to “Almost famous – journeys in Babylon”

  1. Nathan says :


    Can you tell me more about the home schooling game? I’d love to introduce it to kids here at DR.


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