Birthday as Appreciation

We just had Hawina’s b-day.  The number does not matter much.  We did a bunch of things Hawina loves to do, like playing Taboo (including cards made about Twin Oaks, like the phrase is ‘steam table’, but you can say ZK, food, eat, dining, etc).  This was followed by two games of Werewolves and Farmers (an elimination game sometimes called Mafia or Assassin).  Willow wanted to play god (who is the narrator  of the game) in the first one and had a different special role in the second one.

There is something cool about Willow and Rowan playing the game with the adults as peers.  That they feel completely normal and at ease – or more precisely manic and excited, in this context.  Corb was a werewolf twice and got killed both times.  Claire played the curious girl role (who gets to peak and try to disclose the werewolves) and just ran rough shot over the rules, in her charming and disarming way.  Shal (one of the most non-violent people i’ve ever met) was chosen randomly as a werewolf and since it was so out of peoples perception of him, he managed to kill everyone and win solo.

Beyond the party games there were stories and appreciations.

Corb had a cute little video on his iphone of a co-worker testifying on Hawina jumping out from behind a tree and scaring him.  Valerie described how she saw Hawina like a date tree.  I told the story of how she repaired the relationship between two folks in a date rape.  It will be just a year or two before Willow steps up this peer notch and starts telling stories about his mom.  Then look out.

Errors in reporting

Hawina sent me this this morning:


i think it is fine
kinda cute
some things are not true
shal did not win, i was the curious little girl who said i had a strong suspicion he was a werewolf and the group killed him off
claire won as curious little girl, with her lover werewolf janel

late morning, tak ciao !


PS from Paxus – i actually saw that Janel was a werewolf, she tilted her tile towards me by mistake, so as cupid i linked her up with the curious girl (meaning if either died they both died), because i thought that would be a fun combo.

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “Birthday as Appreciation”

  1. jan haverkamp says :

    Send Hawina my love!

  2. Sara Tansey says :

    i hope it was all sorts of wonderful and love feeling for hawina. and that picture of you three is incredible: powerful, beautiful hawina. i love it.

  3. richard w. lisko says :

    Happy Birthday to Hawina!
    Wish you could all be playing those games here. I think people are forgetting how to play with others. Zoe and I sauntered into a cafe here and it was like dead quiet and everyone’s face was lit by a computer screen. We got ourselves some hot chocolate and coffee and pain au chocolat and broke out the UNO deck. Pretty soon their was sounds of laughter and people started unplugging and leaving and the energy changed that fast to a more social enviroment. More people communicating face to face. Play on my friends! Play on!

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