Kamikaze Theatre

There is a new group. They started work in earnest yesterday at 8 PM. The idea is that you solicit lines and ideas from the audience (in this case the community at large) and then in 24 hours write the script, build the sets, learn the music, rehearse and then perform.

When Willow and i went into brunch today, the amusement and exhaustion was thick in the performers, who i believe were mostly operating on 2 and 3 hours sleep. And the script – a precautionary tale of “Dont eat the green meat” – is likely to be a run away hit.


The show was wonderful and very funny.  They got over 70 submissions for lines and included many of them (but sadly left out my suggestions of “Who did you sleep with the get this job anyway?” from Saturday Night Live, exactly 1 million years ago today).  They also got this long page of inspiring but dry anarchist quotes.  So Ethan got cast as the main character, the rope shop manager (played by Ezra) who thru sexy dry political rhetoric enchants the CIA operative who has been sent to destroy the commune in service of Hatteras Hammocks (nominally our biggest competitor).   MolePlant (the operative played by Summer) belted out her confessional mail box letter which saves her from being lynched by the communards who had had a food poisoning induced spiritual hallucination of the dumpster god DumpRa, that sent them to Berkeley for an architectural encounter with … You kind of had to be there.

The actors were exhausted, the ad libing was amazing, the script quite strange and scattered and overall it was an impressive feet.  I hope the do it again, it looked like great fun (and exhausting work) to do it.

Green pork smoothy causes spiritual convulsions

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8 responses to “Kamikaze Theatre”

  1. kelpie says :

    Most people are familiar with how Dump-Ra taketh away, but are unaware of Dump-Ra’s generosity. Sadly, in the quoitidian, Dump-Ra’s relationship with humans is tainted with corporate greed and sqeamishness. Kamikaze Theater, in their musical of astounding dimensions, were able to portray with a fine sensibility the more mystical dimensions of the diety. Perhaps next we’ll see this intrepid troupe perform a tribute to Caffeina? They certainly have to be devotees of this diety, also.

  2. richard w. lisko says :

    I can imagine being there and that is almost as good as being there.

    I remember being on the road with a crew in Florida and this crazy Rainbow kid had us all on the Jamba vibe. Jamba was his name for the dumpster god and i must admit that our prayers did not go unanswered. Unlimited produce and the occassional Krispy Kreme (I know, EWWW!) score. Praise Jamba! he would exclaim on a good score.

  3. kelsey says :

    argh. can’t believe i missed it!

  4. Sara Tansey says :

    when are they doing it again? and is there video footage of ethan? because i think i would probably pee my pants. i want youtube videos asap!

    • Ethan Tupelo says :

      There certainly was no video taken, and even if there were, there is no way it is now on the Twin Oaks internal network, as I would have deleted it. In fact, it’s highly questionable whether the event even really happened. So, I strongly suggest you give up on your search for any evidence of this event. You can thank me later for your urine free pants.

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