Sabrina’s Challenge

i’ve written a couple of papers begging and/or threatening communards to make hammocks.  Sabrina recommended that hammocks management lead the way and make more hammocks themselves.   This is what tofu management does, with a handful of managers doing a large numbers of production shifts.

So who is hammocks management?  General management consists of Shal and myself.   Shal runs the hx shop and teaches people to make hammocks and makes the work flow and is in there many times most days.  i, on the other hand, am a pocket bureaucrat who does precious little hands on work.  Till this week.

I checked Sabrina’s labor sheets from this cool database we have that tracks labor and saw that she does around 10 plus hours of tofu production most weeks.  She is also the youngest labor manager the community has had and is as charming as she is industrious.

So i thought 10 hours was a good target for me per week.  I will make it easy this week, which ends tomorrow.

And unlike tofu production (now our biggest business), hammocks making is pleasant relaxed work.  It is on this work that we built this community.  It has all kinds of advantages over most production work.  You can do as little or as much of it as you like.  The person after you needs no communication from you to pick up where you left off and keep going.  You can do it with someone else or solo listening to music.  You can breeze in when the conversation is good and breeze out when that person who makes you slightly uncomfortable starts working.  There are no bosses, no shifts and few deadlines and an all volunteer workforce (so there is less grumbling about work).  It is not physically demanding and it is relatively easy to learn (tho Shal has to keep teaching me some stuff).

Well probably make our goal this week of 175 hammocks.  And i will have done my part.  Thanks Sabrina.

Sabrina working

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4 responses to “Sabrina’s Challenge”

  1. Abigail says :

    If it is such pleasant and relaxed work, how come you have to beg people to do it?

  2. robino says :

    Hammock making like you guys do, sounds like a well-fitted job for me !

  3. paxus says :

    @Abigail: Because a nice a hammocks is, child care, or cooking or gardening or any of a number of other jobs seems even nicer. And we have gotten a bit out of the habbit of making hammocks, so people need to change habits which is always a tricky thing.

    @Robin: it certainly is, i hope you come by sometime and let me show it to you.

  4. paxus says :

    @Abigail. It is an all volunteer work force, so when ever demands change you need to draw people out of what is comfortable and historic and into something new.

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