“It’s my birthday”

I consider Caroline my adventure girlfriend. For with some regularity we are off together in local or distant exotic or metropolitan places.  Manhattan, Berlin, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Death City.  But in fact most of our time has been spent here on the commune where she (and Sarva the ball python she shares with Willow) live right across the hall from me at Tupelo.

Caroline w/ monkey, some impossibly exotic location circa 2008

Last night was Caroline’s formal birthday party at Tupelo and i realize this was one place i wanted to be honoring and appreciating this amazing woman who has been my ally and intimate for many years.

Caroline is Willow’s longest primary (except for Spot who does not live here) and last night when i showed up at a bit late for the party Willow was upset.

Caroline and Willow at the Barcelona aquarium circa 2008

Unlike me, my son is something of a clothes horse (we presume he gets this from his other dad).  When he got to Tupelo (well before me) and found out it was a dress up party, he was agitated that we had not stopped at Morning Star to get him decked out for the event.  He and i zipped back down and he pulled out a black shirt and then took out a red bow tie.  The event was billed as black tie and he said to me.  “I know it is supposed to be black tie, but i want to wear this red bow tie and Caroline is wearing silver!”

Indeed, dressed in a tight small silver dress with heels that made her the perfect height for me to kiss, Caroline was the belle of her own ball.

Last years Caroline formal b-day with the mysterious RoMa

Educated at the “Harvard of the South” she is an artist, a DJ, fluent in French, a yoga teacher, a belly dancer, a seamstress, a public speaker, a globetrotter and a very special type of princess.

Caroline is flexible. In some other exotic place

The second time Lady Gaga’s bad romance came on, and almost everyone rushed to the dance floor.  I said to Caroline, “didn’t you play this before?” She shouted over the hoard of ecstatic dancers “It’s my birthday” Indeed it is.  Happy b-day Caroline, thanks for adding adventure to my life.

Caroline Belly Dancing at Anniversary 2010

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

3 responses to ““It’s my birthday””

  1. robino says :

    ha, send her some late birthday-wishes from me !

  2. sara says :

    oh it sounds like a perfect celebration of caroline’s life! thanks for honoring her as she should be. i’m pretty sad i missed the party and trust it was brilliant!

  3. Chaf says :

    How does the exotic travel work on the commune? Do people get one European trip per year? Do you need to be on the commune for a certain amount of time before you qualify? If hammocks sell poorly one year does that mean European travel gets canceled?

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