Why NYC is important

The big city makes me think “what do i want to be doing?” both now and in the future.  we romped thru a dinner with a charming assembly of technologists and neuroscientists and radical lawyers and medical practitioners and yoga teachers and DJs and poet waiters.  They held up their lively end of the interlaced conversation. We chatted funology and the nature of the regional burning man events. We talked about the amazing vegetarian food. We talked about future cell phone apps and life without cars.

I brought up the necessary complexity theory and Ed (Diana’s partner in crime) quickly thought that Godels theorem was one of his simple great truths. That there is always something outside your formal system which can not be described by it.

It made me want to do a funology fingerbook (as well as the one Sara and i have started on transparency groups). And get a centralized fingerbook domain running.  But even more it made me think about the next festival, about the mistakes from VIS and how to slowly develop the right allies to create a life transforming, self replicating festival.  And one, which like NYC itself, builds upon itself, rather than green-fielding every year and starting afresh (like the Rainbow Gathering and Burning Man do)

Diana offered that when i come back i could do a course on transparency group development.

I spoke with Deborah Dee at the Madam X club in Manhattan, we had never met before but she was friendly and chatty.  She is Chinese/Filipino and 1/4 Mongolian. She wanted to know about the flow of the radioactive cloud leaving Fukushima.  She was upset that iodine could not solve the radiation  problems that were dumping on her. She was the second Mongolian connection of the weekend.  Small world, when observed from this big city.

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “Why NYC is important”

  1. hmax says :

    every time I experience NYC it is overwhelming and choking. i think i’m doing something wrong…

  2. paxus says :

    the difference between touring and traveling is knowing the people there. Chances are if it feels overwhelming, you dont have allies on the ground taking you to places where you would feel relaxed and able to breath. Just a guess

  3. paxus says :

    This is a repost of a thoughtful comment by Heather:

    How much time have you spent pondering the trajectory of Burning Man? Its origins and its growth? Perhaps a reason that made VIS so tough is because basically it was being born already a festival. Already a big project. Burning Man started much smaller than that in scale and attendance (from what I understand). Perhaps a more organic beginning could be useful. Maybe a good catalyst for this is to simply forget about the over-arching goal, find a space that is outside of Twin Oaks (which has its own system, traditions and culture), a space that is removed from any well-developed tradition, and gather all your allies who are fun, creative and smart and have a festival for yourselves. Maybe this sounds silly and in truth my thoughts are rather undeveloped but when I was reading your post I was reading so much intention, so much desire for this huge thing. And I share all that but I also feel like your life is kind of like a life transforming, self-replicating festival…so why not start a bit smaller? (not smaller than your life, hah, smaller than the big idea). Does any of this make sense?

    Basically, you and your allies spend a fair amount of time creating fun (TO New Years, for example, is a festival of sorts) and transforming lives (recruiting new members, creating co-ops and putting effort into green technologies etc.) I’m not sure what I’m trying to say really. You clearly know you have the building blocks, the foundation…..

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