Heroic Inquiries

The thing about home schooling is you have to figure out what is important and then how to ask insightful questions about it.  The structure of the pedagogic role playing game was well described by Milo as a cross between Dungeons and Dragons and Trivial Pursuits.  The Heroes Home School game deviates importantly from D&D, in that holding to rules is secondary to the kids being engaged, so part of that is letting them play what ever type of character they would like.  We have futuristic fighters, beside ninja half elves.  Gwen plays the goddess  daughter who can sometimes call daddy when things get really out of control and he will fix it up, and scold her for calling him to help.  Tough love God style.

Questions are the key for players get thru this locked door, or to reroll a bad roll you just had, or to change the amount of poison that snake just got into your pet wombat.  The players are regularly asking “give me a question!” which means, “i dont like what happened and i am willing to listen, reason and make my best guess at your question, so the game can go more my way.”  If my objective is plying them with the information which i think is important, than this game is a behaviorist field day.

let me give you a hand

Kelsey who is now in Africa was one of the best things that happened to Heroes, she supported with questions and her quirky character, Shoulder.  My favorite exchange between Kelsey and Willow went like this:

“I want a questions!” Willow said immediately after rolling a one on a  20 sided die.

“True or False.  There is starvation in the world because there is not enough food?” Kelsey is ready for him.

“False” Says Willow equally fast.

“Why is there then starvation in the world?” She follows up

“Because there are bastards” Willow says emphatically.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

6 responses to “Heroic Inquiries”

  1. femmefire says :

    Laugh out loud! Keep up the good work helping our kids learn what’s what, Paxus! 🙂

  2. Sapphyre says :

    My kids love this game. The only time they’ve ever complained about going to heroes is when you weren’t there =) Thank you for all of your efforts to make this game so fun for the kids!

  3. Sara Tansey says :

    i think my favorite heroes memory is of being adamant that you and i were right and that willow was wrong. only to have willow verify his answer and laugh in our faces. oh i cant remember the question now, something about the classification of insects. what i love about heroes is that i learn as much from the kids as they are learning from the game. which may have nothing to do with heroes, but i think i have to give you a little credit here. i will certainly carry some of the lessons i’ve learned watching you in heroes into my own unconventional schooling methods. maybe there will be a day when youre helping out at a squatted unschooling collective in some autonomous zone in the states. i can almost taste it. and it tastes juicy and irreverent. my favorite.

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