If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

WordPress wants to be more than a blog platform.  WordPress longs to be a content engine.

To this end it has added an extra sheet to it’s many hundreds of thousands of blog posts each day.  This sheet instructs you on how to increase traffic to your blog and scans the content of the blog for suggestions for additional catagories you might add (tho i found these worse than useless – my last post got “having a beer” and “yankee spirit”, neither of which captured the essence of the post.

One of the suggestions for a new blog post topic was the title of this post – what crime would you commit if you could get away with it.  Unsurprisingly, to those who know me well., my crime i would commit even if i did time for it.  Or maybe this would be a capital crime – certainly some patriot would want to kill me.

  it is better when you get away with it

My crime would be locking all nuclear missiles on course to the sun.  This would of course require some pretty brilliant hacking, and there are all kinds of headachy smaller nuclear devices about.  But launching them into oblivion has a great appeal to me.  Modok and i have designed a couple of different movies with this as the ending.  What crime would you commit?  [Dont tell me in FB, plz put it in the comment section of this blog]

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

3 responses to “If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?”

  1. Leila says :

    Ummm…I’ve always wanted to make my living as a “farmer”. Simple life, gratifying, working around growing, living things and then sharing the bounty with family, friends and the community, making people happy… My operation would be peaceful, no guns, no chemical fertilizers, no bad vibes. Still trying to figure out why this is a punishable act.

    Ok, so these aren’t actually crimes, they more appropriately fall under “what acts would you commit if you had supreme power”, but your heading says this is my passport to complaining so I’m inclined to indulge…I would take personhood away from corporations, redistribute wealth, eliminate toxic chemicals and petroleum products from food production, and give all living things basic rights and protections. I might institute per capita resource consumption limitations. Would that be totalitarianism on my part? I would place ratio-based limits on the salary differences between the lowest paid worker and the highest paid CEO and while I was at it, I’d transition to a flat tax system where all earners would pay the same percentage of their income, whether they were boatmakers or billionaires. I’d make sure that as a society we were focused on balancing the ecological budget along with the monetary one and I’d fund R&D to that end. And of course, I would legalize marijuana.

    Ahhh, Pax, we live in a very crazy world, don’t we? Up is down and wrong is right. The Fukushima disaster unfolded right in front of our eyes and folks would still rather rely on nuclear power in someone else’s backyard than look at a wind turbine in their own.

    Hope you are well friend. Take care,


  2. Scott Busby says :

    Ghandi did the crime of spinning yarn when making your own cloth was illegal to the people of india. He also dared to go to the sea to get salt, when that too, was illegal.

  3. paxus says :

    @Scott: While these were certainly illegal at the time, Ghandi was depending on these poor laws to help him change the overall system. Thus he did not “want to get away with it”. The opposite in fact, his strategy required arrest and punishment actions on the part of the police. It was in fact the violent police reaction to the salt marches which lead to British public opinion shifting on the nature of the Indian colony.

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