Action in Richmond at Dominion HQ Tuesday 9/27 @ noon

Dominion’s nuclear reactors have been shut down because of the earthquake.  They are not able to withstand another quake of the same size,  yet Dominion wants to bring them back into operation.

It is time to keep them down until we are sure they are safe.  This may well mean permanently.  Come speak out.

Louisa Locals and Concerned Downwinders Demand that North Anna Stay Closed Until It Is Safe to Restart!

On September 27th at noon at the Dominion offices at 701 E Cary Street in Richmond, concerned citizens will hold a non-violent demonstration against the proposed restart of the North Anna reactors.  This protest is organized by Louisa group “Not On Our Fault Line” and is open to everyone who is concerned about the premature restart of these reactors.

On Aug 23, 2011 a 5.8 scale earthquake hit the reactors; its center was less than a dozen miles from the operating North Anna plant. According to the NRC, ground acceleration at the plant was twice what it was designed to withstand.

“When Virginia Power built the North Anna reactors they knew they were sitting on a fault line and they lied about it to the NRC,” says Louisa county resident Alexis Zeigler. “Now we are seeing that the risks are very real. Let’s keep the deception from going any further, before we all lose our homes and land because of a nuclear disaster.”

Paxus Calta, former board chair of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) in Washington DC says, “There are over 8 miles of underground piping which carry radioactive water beneath North Anna. Dominion has given no information about how they have checked these pipes to make sure they are not contaminating the ground and the drinking water near the lake.  The public has a right to know it is safe from these toxins.”

Sara Tansey, former director of Southern Energy Network and a Charlottesville resident, says, “Dominion is putting profits ahead of safety by restarting this plant without knowing why it shut down in the first place. The plant needs to stay shut until there is a complete and thorough inspection by independent experts and whatever corrective measures are recommended have been completed.”

Not On Our Fault Line is demanding that the North Anna reactors remain closed until they are retrofitted to withstand the seismic risks we now know are quite possible and real in Louisa County. Dominion itself designed the proposed third reactor at North Anna to be able to withstand ground acceleration nearly five times greater than the design of the current reactors. Reactors 1 and 2 need to be held to the same standard.

Not On Our Fault Line is asking that anyone concerned with the risk at the North Anna Nuclear Plant come out and be heard. Here’s a list of folks planning to raise their voices in opposition: Paxus Calta, Sara Tansey, Alexis Zeigler, and a Sierra Club representative.

For more information contact: 541-505-0803

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3 responses to “Action in Richmond at Dominion HQ Tuesday 9/27 @ noon”

  1. Jack Marxer says :

    This link may interest you:

    To use it you’ll need to copy it to the address box ensuring that it is all together.

  2. Sara Tansey says :

    the best part is that this is only the beginning. so come out, holler a little with us and then lets plan together to put more pressure on dominion. cant wait to see everyone there.

  3. drebsays says :

    Good luck to you all. Nuclear power has to be the stupidest, most irresponsible thing this civilization has done – sitting on fault lines or not. Hey, I want this light bulb to light up, so I’m going to create toxic waste that will not go away for more years than I can possibly fathom. Freakin’ genius!

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