Metablogging – where is this train going ?

i am convinced blogging in important, but i am not quite yet convinced why.

There is a reasonable chance that blogging will  largely supplant conventional news services.  This is especially true if we start seeing some smart front ends that we are not yet seeing.  If you use WordPress to blog, you know that when you start up they give you a tiny selection of highlighted blogs.  This is a bit like what the front end service could look like, except that it would be more topical, more easily searched.  I want blog sorting software similar to the google news filter, which sort by timeliness, and political bend and affiliation of the author, and topic and length and reliability of information, reader rankings in general and my personal ranked or most visited authors.  We should be at least as excited about going to our blog filter as you are to your custom news filter.    The Google Blog Reader service (which permits you to track your own unread entries inthe blogs you are following)  would be part of this larger filter service.

There is some chance that blogging is the entry to more useful crowd sourcing efforts.  That blogs build relationships and audience and once we are drawing audience and engaging readers we can then ask them to help build these documents and manifestos and flexible agreement structures that we think we might need to build a better world.  Where is the meta-blog of sites which are mostly writing about Occupy Tetrecstradil at the moment.

It is certainly the case that regular blogging is making me think more about what it is that i have to say which is worth repeating and then seeing how well a post gets picked up and commented on.   And my blogs performance affects my mood.   If i have 100 hits before noon i am quite pleased these days.   My very first blog entry (which appears forever lost?) on my previous blog site was about Sky encouraging me to find a practice.  It would see that this is it.

Around here there is talk about a Twin Oaks blog, which i drafted the first post of. The FEC does aggregate some of its members blogs, but mine dominates because i am pretty regular.    There are a myriad of topics we could write about in reference the to community specifically (i suggested the following):

But of course i am very interested in what you, my fair reader, are interested in having me write about.  Dont be a stranger, do tell – and please comment here on the blog rather than facebook, even tho fewer total people may see it here.

If blogs are political - what world are they crafting?

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

9 responses to “Metablogging – where is this train going ?”

  1. Jan Haverkamp says :

    your nukes work, paxus 😉 Weird that that is not in your list…

    • paxus says :

      Dearest JanH:

      i was only listing community oriented topics on that little list. Worry not, until you and i and Honza and a the rest of the movement shut them all down (and then figure out what to do about the terrible waste) i am in the fight. Which includes the propaganda mission.

      We have kids, we have an obligation to try to give them a better world.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks
      26 No Restart 2KXI

  2. Mike Gorse says :

    Hmm I have no idea what LEF is, and lately I’ve been thinking about how we might structure the nonprofit we are creating so that it would have a mechanism to support additional co-ops by default once it hopefully has some equity built up in the future and will be in a position to do this (if we wind up even owning the house ourselves, rather than NASCO owning it), so what you have done could be interesting.

    But it’s your blog, so what to write about is your choice. Sometimes I think of posting something publicly as sending it out, and, if the post is useful, then hopefully people will see it.

    This is kind of off-topic, but a friend was kind of complaining about the “top stories” on Facebook and noticing that, when she logged into Facebook, most of her “top stories” were things involving the Occupy movement, so it looked to her as though it was the issue that everyone was talking about and that everyone has similar feelings about it, and then she installed an app and had it sort posts chronologically, and then she saw that some of her friends were talking about Occupy but many were not. In other words, we tend to self-select and read news sources that align with our pre-existing beliefs, often have friends who mostly have similar attitudes, etc., so this can affect our perceptions of things. Not really sure what my point is, though.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Mike:

      i dont actually see it as my blog. i see it as a tool i am co-creating with others in an effort to entertain, educate, radicalize and inspire people to action. For a long time the most popular posts (according to the unique hit count statistics) were the ones i wrote about my son Willow. Presumably these are people who know me or him well enuf to care about this side of my life. These days (like your FB friend) the more popular posts of mine have been about my limited experience and significant excitement about the Occupy movement.

      But i am clear that while it is in my voice, i am trying to do something for us collectively and me secondarily. Others are recommending i break the blog up into several pieces (which i star with quite some reluctance to consider).

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks
      26 No Restart 2KXI

  3. dh says :

    My least favorite thing about our Hammocks fairs business is masquerading as Chris Oaks, proprietor of a family operated business. We use this to leverage our way into craft fairs that we don’t qualify for due to our size and level of industrialization. It’s imprudent to expose that Chris Oaks as fictitious in a venue as public our very first blog entry if we’re going to continue using the pseudonym for fairs. Let’s work on another username for this thing.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest DH:

      i am happy to ditch Chris Oaks as a name, and WP alone hosts 400K blogs, i doubt mine will out Chris in a dangerous way.

      And most of the fairs we go to know exactly who we are, we put up the Twin Oaks Hammocks flag, we talk with the judges about the community and the organizers. From my perspective Chris is an archiac fiction held over from a past time.

      Further, in my conversations with most fair organizers, they are very happy to have us because we are relatively unique. They dont want another pottery booth or another jewelry booth, because they have dozens. They generally dont ahve anyone else selling hx and they are pleased with our colorful crowd drawing display.

      And again, iam more than willing to ditch the first blog entry and the use of the name.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks
      26 No Restart 2KXI

  4. shadiek says :

    Paxus, I love that you have started this practice of writing every day. I love your voice and most of the things you write about. However, in my opinion, you’d be best served by breaking up your blog into several smaller blogs. Currently, the organizing force behind your blog posts is that they’re written by and therefore, to some extent are about YOU. You have one of the most extensive personality based followings that I know of, but such a network can get you only so far. I’ll bet that even though there are hundreds of people following your blog, almost all of them are your friends or have only one or two degrees of separation. The blogs that are successful as media are topical. Your major themes seem to be twin oaks, politics, nuclear, and polyamory/family dynamics. I think you should consider focusing in on a maximum of three and restrecting the rest of what you have to say to guest posts on other people’s blogs. (which will also drive traffic to your own)

    • Divinity says :

      ^ I found Paxus’s blog on the FEC website and have never met nor spoken with him but I get the point your trying to deliver…

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Chad:

      Well, i asked for input, and yours makes great sense and i am reluctant to go there. Sky has invited me to do a join blog with him, which perhaps we will get weekly posts out of. I am interested in increasing traffic, and perhaps restricting the content to the most popular aspects is the best way to get there.

      It feels a bit like a longer term plan. I would want to have a group of people willing to write fairly regularly on what the selected topics are. It is clearly important to traffic to have some regularity (everyday but 1 i have been over 200 unique hits this week, which is the first time ever – except for the week of the earthquake, which i dont really count).

      One of the week areas of the blog is that i dont repost much stuff from other writers. If i were to focus, i would want to do this more to try to maintain the regularity of posting.

      Thanks for your thoughts, even if they are hard to hear.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks
      26 No Restart 2KXI

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