We are all Scott Olsen – and the Yes Men lead the way

There is a lot at stake and thus, the people who have a lot to lose are nervous. Often when powerful people worry about protests, they ask the police to come in and break up the riff-raff. The consistently peaceful protest in Oakland was brutally broken up by the Oakland police yesterday.  Last night these Oakland cops critically injured an Iraq vet named Scott Olsen with a tear gas canister. He may not make it.

Today thousands of people called in angry at the police’s unnecessary violence. There is a movement to recall the major.

Tear gas can kill

But just when you thought this was going to be a depressing post.  Check this out:

YES Men stage the protest we would like to see

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7 responses to “We are all Scott Olsen – and the Yes Men lead the way”

  1. Angie says :

    You can see some awesome footage here of a police officer throwing a flash grenade into the group of protesters who are trying to help get Scott Olsen to safety. Just to be clear- he was on the ground, injured, not moving. A group of protestors ran in to try to help/get him out of harm’s way. A police officer threw a flash grenade into the middle of this group, basically on top of him. It’s horrifying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZLyUK0t0vQ

  2. Brian Adler says :

    It turns out it wasn’t a rubber bullet. It was a tear gas canister fired at point blank range that struck him in the head.

  3. Brian Adler says :

    The ‘cops’ and ‘brokers’ demonstrating in favor of OWS is actually the YES MEN. You can most easily recognize the broker to the right of the cop. BTW I’m familiar with the mistaken notion that the broker who spoke very honestly about Wall St a few weeks ago was a Yes Man. He wasn’t. He was just an inadvertently really unabashed and therefore honest broker. But this is definitely the Yes Men.

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