Pop Gang

The job of running a hyper village is a rigorous one. Pretty much anyone who is willing to can take on an organizing or managerial responsibility.  There is a tremendous quantity of logistics and administrative work to keep this full service commune functioning. We have dozens of buildings in need of repair. There are half a dozen businesses which could all use more guidance and support.  Most weeks a 8 to 10 visitors some of whom want to live with us who have questions about how we do things and if their personal situation can be merged into ours. Add to this endless pocket dramas about romance, children, housing and other personal topics which frequent our little village and there is enough going on to hold almost anyones attention.

And as I have mentioned we are full. It is something like 3 years now we have had a waiting list (tho it has certainly thinned at points, it has never vanished in this time) and this means on top of the above described condition, we also have a space shortage and fewer degrees of freedom to relocate members when someone moves out. Pop Gang to the rescue!

Pop Gang is a group of members who are pulled from various community bodies (the planners, the membership team, recruiting, the room assignor and a member at large) to discuss things which can be done to make our crowded situation better. While this body is technically advisory, without any executive power in its collective state – what my experience of it is, is that when the Pop Gang agrees on a policy direction, the members take it back to their respective executive groups and make the change happen.

This can be something as simple as cleaning out the storage barn, so that things in residential public spaces can then move to the storage barn and there is more spaces in our housing. It can be as complicated as doing a survey on the communities attitude towards winter guests or growing the community, sequencing our pending building projects so housing is prioritized.  This particular survey is complicated both because there are lots of things which could be on it relating to our crowded situation and then you have all those mess inconccllusive results to deal with when the surveys come back.

As the long time co-manager or recruiting and room assigning, i am often on the pop gang when it is formed, as it has been recently.  I’ll keep you apprised of our progress.  Oh, and as always your brilliant ideas are welcome (but no suggestions for personal shelters please, that is not on the table for discussion).


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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

6 responses to “Pop Gang”

  1. Ian Mayes says :

    How about getting all of the people on the waiting list (as well as all the interested Oakers) in touch with each-other about the idea of forming a new income-sharing community to live/work in? You know, like how Acorn was created back in the day when there was a big waiting-to-join list for Twin Oaks as well. It makes more sense to me to have more different places set up and going instead of trying to cram more people into one space.

  2. paxus says :

    (I)An-ok: We should be doing more to start new FEC communities int eh area. I fear that with both LEF and Acorn, we dont think so much about more new communities,but we probably should.

    • Ian Mayes says :


      Actually I imagine that it would be pretty easy to establish new off-shoot communities to deal with this problem. You can draw from the waiting-to-join lists of Twin Oaks and Acorn of folks who have already gone through the whole visitor period and application processes. For income you can give these communities work from Twin Oaks’ hammocks business and Acorn’s seed businesses that neither community has had the capacity to carry out so far. You can rent a house that is either close by to Twin Oaks and Acorn or a house that is in an urban area, so that the folks would be close to some kind of greater outside social stimulation. Once these communities have been around for a bit, and seem established enough, they can then initiate a process to purchase a house or property so that they would be a bit more permanent. This can be a model that can be reproduced again and again. What do you think?

      – Ian

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