No Provisionsal Members – unobserved paradise?

After you have been accepted at Twin Oaks and you make your way thru the waiting list you arrive and become a provisional member.  Provisionals have almost all the rights of full members (tho they dont have the medical and dental coverage the full members have) and at the end of their 6 month provisional period they have a poll.  In the 14 years i have been here, we have dozens of these polls, only two people have gotten rejected at their provisional to full member poll.  One was a charming gal from Portugal who was claiming she was working 70 hours a week in the hammocks shop and no one had seen her there.  The other was a depressed German guy, whose lover had died and who was hoping to marry here to be able to stay in the country and with us.  Otherwise, we have been regularly embracing of anyone who has been accepted becoming a full member.  Full members have the functional equivalent of tenure.

During my time here we have always had some number of provisional members a year ago we had at one point 18 people at a new member dinner.  Next month we will have none.

No provisional members means we have not let a new person in for the last half year.  We have had a number of former members return.    In the short term this is not problematic, but if it persists it could become one.

In a typical month we loose 1 to 2 members, but we have had very few typical months of these types in the last half year.  Perhaps the place has become paradise while we were not paying attention.

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7 responses to “No Provisionsal Members – unobserved paradise?”

  1. Ian Mayes says :

    I’m curious, what’s the situation like at Acorn? Do they have a similar thing going on there?

  2. Scott Busby says :

    Time to build a building and raise the pop cap!

  3. Dan Kappus, Huitzilopotchli says :

    A cousin of Twin Oaks, Los Horcones community, emphasizes in their propaganda, that they only want people who are making an absolute commitment to really stick around, or that people who make an absolute commitment stick around. (I’m not sure which; it’s been a while.) But to me, it would seem like the current state of things would reward longevity, a common culture, and a common commitment. It takes more work now to become a member, and leaving is a lot more consequential than it would be if there were no wait-list. I think this situation would tend to yield good results in terms of working together as a (90 person!) group. I think this bodes well for TOs future; people are coming, and more want to stick around than leave.

    I don’t live at TO, though, so it’s not really my business. Sucks for me, personally, because I always did want to hang out for a few years at TO as sort of a school for communal living. We’re talking years of desire, or, even better yet, decades.

    I’m a special case, having already visited two years back and been sorted by the magical sorting hat into reject house instead of Gryffindor. Nonetheless, I would like to be a part of an income-sharing community as successful (or at least enduring? is that enough?) as Twin Oaks. Sure would be nice if I could plug into another community with at least the same level of expertise involved. Maybe Acorn is it, or Acorn II. Maybe it’s Acorn III, or bastard child of Emma Goldman and BF Skinner.

    Maybe Twin Oaks people who want more intentional communication, even more extensive structure, and a commitment to good process (whatever the hell that is?) can breed another income-sharing egalitarian farm, this one the yin to the relatively individualistic child, East Wind. That way, we can all be happy family.

    Far too random, and probably not of interest to others, but whateVAH.

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