96 White sheets

Our labor system is brilliant.  it is flexible, robust and effectively coordinates the work of over 90 members, plus guests, kids and visitors.  Members sheet have historically been white in color, Valerie put in visitor sheets for some years on slightly colored paper and in recent years we have just used highlighters around the frame of a the white page.  But when you talk about “the number of white sheets” around the commune it is a way to talk about our members living here.

Last week we had 96 white sheets.  This might be the highest number ever.  Our population cap is 93 and it has never been much higher.  Because i am floating and another member has been granted a return before a spot was available to them because they had returning children we are two over our regular cap.  Ira who splits her time between here and Acorn (and also does not have a room) bumps us to three over our population limit.   We are so full and our waiting list so long we have cancelled our January visitor group.

It is mostly wonderful to be crowded.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

16 responses to “96 White sheets”

  1. Sean Crist says :

    It’s really too bad that the threshold of resources and effort to launch a new community is so high. All those people who want to be in– if only there were some way of them becoming a new community. Bringing interested people together is obviously not enough, or Twin Oaks would have have already spawned dozens of successful communities. Of course, there are far fewer people willing to take the risks and discomfort of pioneering than there are people willing to live in a comfortable and established community.

    I know that one of the things that annoys Twin Oakers the most is when a non-member says, “No, you guys are doing it wrong. You should do it like this.” Still, at the risk of being that annoying person, I’ve always thought that in the big picture, Twin Oaks can never be more than an interesting historical footnote unless it develops a culture that prioritizes reproducing itself.

    That’s easy to say, of course; not so easy when it means fronting hundreds of thousands of dollars for land and for equipment for a business, knowing that the odds of failure are fairly high, and knowing that the parent community isn’t using those scarce resources to develop itself.

    • paxus says :

      Sean: It is both true that communards get annoyed by people making suggestions from outside AND that people from outside often have clever things to say (tho they often have silly suggestions as well).

      i am all about memetics. if an idea does not replicate it dies. And income sharing egalitarian communities are a long jump for most people who are fearful of that level of trust and sharing.

  2. Bliss says :

    Oh lovely, I love full capacity, it makes for my favorite scenes– big meals, full parties, piles of hammocks :). People waiting to get in is too bad, but lots of members means a happy commune in my book!

  3. Ian Mayes says :

    So, in other words, you’ve “got 96 sheets and a Visitor ain’t one.”

  4. Dan Kappus says :

    I think that sounds like a White Stripes cover band, the White Sheets.

  5. Dan Kappus says :

    Like you say, being heroic or historical are not the only successes out there. Waking up each morning, making coffee, biking to work, experiencing joy, and living out ones values are great achievements, even if no historian or hagiographer is watching.

    If you’re interested in networking to form a community of Twin Oaks sympathizers, former visitors, good-eggs-on-the-reject-pile, egalitarians, dreamers, I’m with you. I’m a bored administrative employee: I’ll play Kat Kinkade, badly or not at all.

    We could call it the half a nut collective, the squirrel society, the squirrel nut lickers, the society for the prevention of nutrot, the live oak and spanish moss society. Perhaps we could pick a different forest-climax ecosystem species: twin hickory trees are better for grilling and twin locusts are better for fence posts. Maybe someone else should be picking the names around here.

    If you’re interested in networking on a community with some of its bases in TO– I’ve seen you comment on Paxus’ blog, I’m interested. (ic@illimitable.us)

  6. Dan Kappus says :

    ^^^ The last comment was for Sean.

  7. nina gentle says :

    ok all you others on the waiting list…. lets get together and build a new building or form a new community or something to make it happen… nina (on the waiting list since august)

  8. paxus says :

    @Ian: There are huge advantages to having it be FEC instead of TO. The first is that the project is then liberated from the TO bureaucracy and internal broken decision making process. This is especially important for something as controversial as a new community (“We wont support them if they dont condemn BDSM” and other stuff).

    Plus TO and Acorn both have been very generous with LEF, so it would appear that new FEC communities get many benefits from their sisters.

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