So wrong – Paxus’ Guests and other not thieves

New member Son told me  some teenagers  were wondering around his building and he asked who they were here visiting.  They said they were visiting me.  This was a lie.

[RTS – Radical Topic Shift] The following mock guest announcement was put on the Llano Kitchen door, if you are not familiar with our culture, you can’t see the number of things wrong with this mocking concert invite.  I will be your guide.

So first off the name is not the guests name at all. Secondly, the most important information, which is who is the actual host is missing (tho you could guess it from the first field).  Then the fact that they are staying in Llano Kitchen (which is the community space most often discouraging of guests).  Then there is no indication of when these guests are leaving (this is a big no-no) and finally the other appropriate process steps (the two unchecked boxes at the bottom) have not been taken.

[Back to our would be thieves] It turns out, after much speculation that these teenagers looking for me they were involved in the recent heist of community musical instruments, they were exonerated.    The teenager who used my name turns out to be the daughter of an ex-lover of mine, and she had texted one of the teenagers from Twin Oaks before their visit.  Rule one for thieves “Dont tell your victims you are coming over, just before you plan to break in and steal things.”

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

3 responses to “So wrong – Paxus’ Guests and other not thieves”

  1. rıchard w. lısko says :

    I was just recently remınıscıng wıth a flute player ın Selçuk the dısappearance of my beautıful horn from your room once upon a tıme. So much for the utopıa that need not a lock. As long as ıt ıs ın Amerıka (or Turkey for that matter) you better keep ıt close ıf you don’t want to lose ıt.

    • amylin says :

      also, in response to richard — very sad to hear how you talk about turkey, my home! i don’t lock my door, and i’ve never had anything stolen from here or anywhere in turkey, not even for a second. but i do make a point to speak with all of my neighbors, and the men who work in the bakkals and tekkel on my street, the parking garage men, everyone. i ask how their day is, talk about the weather, and so on. we make small talk — women usually don’t do this with men here, and it’s refreshing for them to see a woman who will talk to them and smile sometimes but also walk alone late at night.

      they keep an eye out for me. they’re also a small family-oriented community on one street in the very center of a huge city bordering an extremely poor neighborhood, and so, they’re vigilant and protective over people that they make connections with. of course, it is important to keep an eye out, but in a community, it is everyone’s responsibility. and thus, it is a big, difficult, and complex responsibility that requires more than locking one’s door.

  2. amylin says :

    paxus, i love this post, like so many of your posts. but, don’t you think posting this on the internet also makes it easier for not-thieves to infiltrate? or maybe infiltration would be better, because then they would understand the culture of things and why they should not steal from a community? actually, i think most thieves are too lazy to surf the internet for possible opportunities, right?

    hugs from istanbul

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