Funological Long Levers

As it comes together i get more excited about this new years eve party.  i was worried at first that there might not be enuf kids and there might not be enuf for them to do, i stopped worrying some hours ago.

And it has been one of the more chaotic/flexible events i have organized.  We moved the kissing workshop location 3 times in 5 hours.  We moved the ball pit location 3 times within an hour.  And, the ball pit, ultimately located under the flying lounge was the thing that made me relax about the kids experience.  I am curious about the Alice Theatre – running three different versions of Alice in Wonderland films (likely silently) in the same room, we will see if gets used and is an add.

The dance floor is adorned with 4 giant (16′ high) mushrooms.  Trout has cast an amazing red rope line art pattern over the cuddle loft.  Additional mattresses from the near by conference facility were ferried in from the local conference center.

Gpaul is bringing over his flying shark, which is a neutral buoyancy remote controlled mylar inflatable toy which has popped onto the scene.  He was showing it off in the Acorn living room (at their small and charming new years eve-eve party) and he looked for all the world like a bedazzled child.  What i was thinking about was “what time do we deploy this for maximal funological effect”.  i get that i am odd in this.

[The novel Shark guarantees at least a B at this party.]

And Gpaul can meet we in this geekiness.  While others in the smoke shack at Acorn were hamming it up and carousing, we were discussing how much improved the overall effect on the space was by switching the seats and loveseats out and replacing them with padded benches.

Someone asked about the kissing workshop in my post of the invitation.  I believe Tobias (aka Frodo) developed this, but i certainly help keep it running.  At 2 AM couples or willing individuals come and learn and try out different styles of kissing.  No one has to kiss anyone new and some couples just stick together for the whole workshop.  And this workshop often happily evolves into a make-out session amongst some of the participants.

i have long maintained we are going to win this revolution by having the better party And we need to study how to make it so.  And from where i sit, tomorrow night holds all the promise of a better party.

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

7 responses to “Funological Long Levers”

  1. rıchard w. lısko says :

    Thıs artıcle contaıns ınfo regardıng the kıssıng room and the man eatıng shark and I would probably have the shark swımmıng about ın the make out area. Swım wıth cautıon and don’t get eaten alıve!

  2. Angie says :

    The New Years Party I attended involved no less than 3 giant remote-controlled floating fish, similar to GPaul’s shark but less scary for all involved. Especially me!

  3. kas says :

    i believe the shark did swim up into the cuddle loft during the party….

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