Anonymous strikes back – and shut down

The day after dozens of websites protested proposed government censorship of the internet, the Department of Justice (DoJ) shutdown subscriber based upload site  The next day in direct retaliation the hacktavist group Anonymous shut down, and in what Russia Today is reporting as the largest strike against US government websites ever.

Taking credit for a giant illegal attack US government sites makes you a target for the nations law enforcement agencies.  But we have to wonder, is this even a real person we are watching.  My guess is that these cyber-geniuses who can take down sites which are designed by very highly paid computer consultants to block exactly these types of attacks, can also generate a video image (albeit a grainy one) which can interview with Russia Today in real time (complete with smirk in mid interview) in a convincing manner.

But as my fellow communard dh points out, some quick google searching will point out that Barrett Brown is indeed a real person, multiple interviewed, on the run, has a 6 figure book deal with Amazon, is a former heroine addict and curiously has no Wikipedia entry (it was deleted).

It’s getting hot in here.

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4 responses to “Anonymous strikes back – and shut down”

  1. dh says :

    This is definitely some sasquatch-esque conjecturing.

  2. thepeoplearetryingtosleep says :

    I think that the truth is that, although there are certainly “cyber-geniuses” among Anonymous, many have been spurred to fire up their LOIC (which is really a push-button ddos tool) because they see the injustice in taking down the whole site because of some copyright violations. People worldwide are upset about losing work files and research they had hosted there. It’s like Dropbox going down and the files unrecoverable.

    But we see that the LOIC is pretty primitive but with enough people hammering their sites it’ll eventually go tango-down….

    Thank you, Pax, for the update on Anonymous. It’s been a great and terrible week for the internet….

    xox cf


  3. paxus says :

    @Catfish: Thanks for yoyr comment. While it is true the Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC) is in some way primitive, there is both organizing it and staying secret which are tricky. And there are all manner of things which Anonymous has done beyond these hacks worthy of mention.

    Thanks for these sources

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