Visionary Art Museum – Baltimore

Janel and i are doing a TOAST gig (which is the academic speaking program for the community) at Goucher College today and at McDonogh tomorrow.  i love talking about the commune to college students, because some of them (like the three charming gals who took us to lunch today) clearly get why what we are doing is important.  We are at Goucher because Mala’s brother Raj (who used to live at Twin Oaks) is now teaching there.

raj and nephew zadek - the later of who still lives at Twin Oaks

Goucher (where Angie went to school)  has a beautiful campus and permits there tenure track staff to select a course they wish to design and teach.  Raj has designed one on communities and thus we are especially appropriate speakers.

But between classes we went to the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore which i had heard about for years but never actually made it to before.

The visionary artist is self taught.  And the visionary artist is not necessarily connected to the same reality as most people.  The results are striking.  If you are in the area, it is well worth the visit.

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