Metablogging – searches for red and images from the UK

When Kate first started blogging i was fascinated by the hit counter to the side of her blog.  i watched in wonder as the numbers kept rising.  Eventually, it exceeded 10,000 hits on her page and i boasted that if i wrote a blog i would pass her in traffic.  But i did not really believe it.  She was a better writer than i was and she had this big head start.

Kate and daughter Aurora - Circa 2009

For the first time, this month i have broken 10,000 hit in a month on this blog.  And today i got my first unsolicited request to start running advertising on my blog.  Kate is still a better writer, but i am a more obsessed propagandist, and she has been a bit busy with the girl in the photo.

Most recently my posts on the pros and cons of Burning Man have gotten a lot of traffic.  The post i wrote about seeing my brothers show got traffic from a repost on the TMBG fan page (where i read that this blog was smug).  The puff piece i wrote on Central versus Primary relationship labels in polyamory got me posted on Reddit and brought in 1000 hits over two days – the most since the earthquake and my traffic has never really come back down.

During my upcoming travels, probably in April,  i will likely hit 100K hits for the life of the blog.  i must confess some excitement about this.  I think it is when i will re-launch this as (which is already a functioning link).

And there are some things about my blog traffic that i would love someone to explain to me.  I wrote a post called June is Red about the Czech month name translation and the new member with the same name.  All nice and good, but this has become the second largest search term which finds my blog: people entering on “red” into the search engine.

What are these people thinking?  What kind of results do you think you would get if you just banged the very common color “red” into a search engine.?  And how on earth are they paging thru the 20K pages down my lowly blog must be for this common color.  But just like the significant traffic i get from the UK graphics search engines, i dont quite understand why.

Tips are welcome.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

2 responses to “Metablogging – searches for red and images from the UK”

  1. Tina says :

    What a cute baby!!! xD

    Also, congratulations on the traffic! I’ll be smug knowing at least 35 hits are probably from me, lol. (Six were obsessive checking on the day you didn’t post!)

  2. paxus says :

    @Tina: Flattery will get you everywhere. i should be posting almost every day for the coming time. Part of my plan for March is to clean up and tofu up (which we say instead of “beef up”) the blog in general.

    Paxus in Louisa
    Leap Day 2012

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