Albanian Express Train

Wam tells this story about landing in Albania.

Before the Tirana airport was modernized in 2003, international visitors often landed at the airport 100 km from the Tirana, the capital.  As is the case in most european countries (but actually quite few US states) there is a long distance train terminal in the airport – so it was with the Albanian airport.

A controversial map of "greater Albania"

When Wam arrived at the ticket locket and inquired about the options for the next train to the capital.  The ticket person said there were two options, the local train and the more expensive express train.  The local train takes 4 hours to get to Tirana, he was informed.

“And how long does the express train take?” He inquired.

“6 hours.” Said the ticket person mechanically.”

When Wam inquired as to why the express took longer to arrive than the local.  The ticket person responded in a dead pan tone “Because it has to pass all the local trains”

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