Password Algorithm – under learned mistakes.

i used to choose passwords egotistically.  Based on campaigns i was active in and where we were looking for ways to win.  And thus as i logged in briefly each day i would flash on that generally daunting path i might go on.

what do you still need to learn?

In the last half year i have been choosing to base passwords on mistakes which i don’t think i have learned enough from.  i had an intimate describe a sexual assault to me and it was not as bad as i imagined it might have been, but my explanation of relief delegitimized the experience for the survivor.  Exactly the opposite of what i want to be telegraphing.  I still have this password on several accounts.

When i bumble things in my poly relationships these mistakes are often promoted to passwords.  This gives me repeated opportunities to remember what i did wrong and ponder how i might fix it.  It is also an ego check for a personality which has leanings towards arrogance.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “Password Algorithm – under learned mistakes.”

  1. Abigail says :

    Maybe you should make passwords with your numerous spelling mistakes too. Though you might never spell the words the same way twice which could lead to problems.

  2. Anat Kolumbus says :

    Abigail – If I could “like” your comments – I would – for sure (-:

    Pax – THANK you for sharing this inspiring idea of using a daily application to actually apply some self-mastry and lessons in real life rather than choosing to use it randomly as many – myself included – do.

    I cherish your effort to work on weak “spots” and convert the energy that trips you to make your trip a journey of growth. I appreciate your dedication and action towards becoming the best you can be @ any given moment, constantly improving, and sharing it transparently with every1 as you go.

    I love that about you.

    (I hope this time my comment did come across)

  3. Marta says :

    Yea! word anat! i love this idea pax and had no idea! who are you? i must not really know you! 😉 thanks for sharing, so what did you learn???? hugs from aotearoa xxx marta

  4. McCune says :

    I have a few hundred passwords and I don’t “know” most of them. There is excellent free or cheap password software available which generates strong passwords for you (I use two such password managers–Password Safe and LastPass).

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