Purchased fame and it’s temperature

“You have to pay them to write for them?” a friend asked incredulously.

And i am happy to pay the $1/month to be part of this high profile website called ElephantJournal.com which edits my (oft sloppy) work and displays it for thousands to see.  My first post just went up and it is a significant re-write Feb 22 blog post of my review of the movie Wanderlust

The reason it is a re-write is in part that EJ requires anything which is a reposting be at least 25% different from the original.  Fair enough, they dont want you just simply reposting, they want their own added content.  And my blog is often rushed and rough and for a somewhat insider audience.  The EJ piece needs to talk to people who have never heard of me, or communes in the case of this article.  Then on top of this the Cassandra Smith from the EJ staff reworked the piece.  Sadly, she had to replace most of my copyright violation images with things EJ controls or knows the origin of.  Tho i do quite like the garden residence image they choose at the top of the article, see below.

And i am looking for collaborative authors on any of these topics i cover, Nexus and i are working on a re-write of the Loony Left piece (which will likely be re-titled “How UFOs and Crop Circles endanger us.)  Feel most welcome to suggest yourself or other writers you like on particular topics. Story tellers always welcome, i am hoping to get Caroline to write her cow rescues story one day, it made me cry.

Thousands of the 1%ers and their free market lackeys monitor the Dow Jones Industrial Average as the thermometer of their day, in a world where almost everyone likes it hot.  Perhaps, because at one point i seemed destine for that world, i am strangely pleased my own personal obsession these days instead is with the hits on my blog.  This silly yet strangely satisfying expanding digital representation of my global notoriety.

These days if i have made 200 unique hits by lunch or 400 by the days end, i am quite pleased (twice so far this week).  A year ago it was 100 was a great day.  Two years ago 400 hits  was a monthly total.   i am simultaneously ticketed and obsessed.

If you have clever suggestions on how to take my readership to the next level (other than fixing my terrible grammar and spelling which Abigail and others try to help with) please let me know.

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About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

6 responses to “Purchased fame and it’s temperature”

  1. Abigail says :

    I was about to start editing away, but perhaps I should leave the spelling and grammar mistakes here to continue to prove the point…

  2. Emmy says :

    Never realised that it was sloppy, I always thought it was my ‘bad’understanding of english……….being just dutch. . Dear Pax, although it has been a long time that we have seen eachother I do like to folow your tracks and crazy life. It’s inspiring and fun.

  3. Claire says :

    Have a look at Lissa Rankin, owningpink.com

    Shes very cluey on using affliates to comarket sites. Plus shes got a good dose of wisdom. 🙂

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