Russia Today Coverage & backlash

Russia Today has produced there second video on Twin Oaks.

Though i have only been able to watch the first half because of slow internet connection, i am pretty pleased with the piece.  There is no narration, so if there are things i wont like, they will be representations from Oakers of things in the community which i disagree with.

What i do find somewhat surprising is that even though there are only about 8,000 hits to this YouTube post over the last 3 days, there are almost 400 comments on the video.  Having scanned about half of them, this is what i found.

About 1/3 of them were people who were upset with something.  Often this was the notion of communism, or about Russia Today which produced the piece.  [Russia Today is a 24 hour/day non-commercial news station which is financed by the Kremlin].  Most of these comments had very little to do with Twin Oaks, and regularly they were about how industrial communism had destroyed their country or some part of the world.

There were many critics and a number of admirers.  Some people claiming we kick out people who get old (which we certainly dont), others saying we are missing the point of capitalism (which perhaps we are).  Someone was amused by Ezra’s bathrobe.

Even if our viewership is relatively low, we certainly seem to be able to spark some conversation.

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7 responses to “Russia Today Coverage & backlash”

  1. Jack says :

    Actually, there is narration and I think its pretty good overall. I like the video and it seems pretty balanced to me. I used to live at East Wind and have visited Twin Oaks many times, although not lately.

  2. Caroline says :

    I was amused by Ezra’s bathrobe, and also by the two kind of irrelevant things they chose to use out of the hour of talking that i did!

  3. paxus says :

    Actually Pax, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the video is on the network drive, so no internet necessary. I thought it was a really solid piece, and was amused by Ezra’s bathrobe.

  4. angietupelo says :

    I’ve read some of the comments, it’s pretty distressing how many of them are “no one can be happy without jesus, blargh.” People are so weird.

  5. paxus says :

    @Jack: Now having seen the entire thing, what i should have said, is that there is no external narration. There is voice over narration which is done by members of the community, but there is no direct editorial by the makers of the documentary. Of course .they choose which pieces to show, which is a very powerful control indeed.

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