Meanwhile in Moscow

The worlds media eye often looks the wrong way.  In the late 1990’s while the western media was obsessing about daily large demonstrations in Yugoslavia, few were looking at the smaller, but still significant protests in Bulgaria.  The Yugoslav government held on for years, but the scrappy Bulgarian protesters successfully toppled their government.

With Occupy protests starting back up in the US, the Arab Spring and even Occupy Spain hold most of the headlines, my eyes are on Russia and the protests in Moscow.

One of the Russian Special Forces who refused to arrest protesters

The above picture is of a riot cop who refused to arrest non-violent protesters, claiming that what they were doing was not illegal and thus there was not grounds for arrest.  This does not happen much in highly hierarchical cultures like Russia.  For in the confusion Russian riot police were looking for both protestors and riot police who were refusing to arrest them.

And as is often the case in historic protests, there has been a lot of other police violence in Moscow.  However the movement has strengthened and in an equally unusual style protestors who refused the efforts of police to be evicted and have stayed their ground in the first protest where the police felt they could not push back since 1993.  And as such an Occupy type camp has been set up int he Moscow central square.  Even if it only remains a few days, it marks what was barely previously possible being attempted and successful.

Mr. Putin’s 3rd term might well be his last.

cops can become heroes

Fifty countries participated in May 12th Occupy protests (see photo collage)

Occupy Am*dam May 12, 2012

The Dutch have the most photogenic one i think.


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6 responses to “Meanwhile in Moscow”

  1. Vladimir Slivyak says :

    we are still alive, protests r going on since May 6 and not finished yet, there is one big camp in Moscow now and two other smaller camps, all centrally located. several protesters are in jail until May 24, camps will be in Moscow at least until they released. if not evicted. next major rally scheduled for June 12. many people here want civil rights back and to send Putin off to space. whatever media says, this is not protest organized by political opposition, this is civil disobedience where lots and lots of previously non-political people take part. actually, this is why this protest became really big (about 50,000 on May 6 and about 20,000 on May 13) – many people not related to any political forces went on the streets. and many don’t like when anyone call them political opposition. they are not from political parties and they went not for any leaders. but to throw Putin out.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Lucifer:

      Thanks for the update. These developments are exciting in terms of changes in the political landscape of Russia, keep up this important work.

      Goddess in YankeeLand

  2. Jan Haverkamp says :

    Pax – that picture is most definitely not Amsterdam… It is a wonderful picture, though. I’d situate it somewhere in Germany or maybe Belgium…

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