Why “Chubby Squirrels”?

i wanted to call LEF “Dancing Squirrels”*.  In part as a celebration of what i think is one of the more daring models in the communities movement which is being demonstrated at Dancing Rabbit. What is daring is simply being open ended in membership, unlike Twin Oaks, Acorn, and almost certainly LEF which have current population caps of 93, 30 and perhaps a dozen, respectively.  Being open ended in population growth is one of the community design principals i am most excited about.   i also think it is unlikely for this forming community to ultimately embrace it.

If you do as a community it means moving from a tighter knit “big family style” community to a village.  DR is not planning on maintaining a consensus based decision process when they get to some size (which they may have already reached).  But what happens, i believe, with most communities is like what happens with forming transparency groups – they start as open groups.  Then for safety and familiarity and depth of experience they close their membership after an internal culture has been created.  And i hope i am wrong in this forecast, but it is not a deal breaker for me.

“You should call it ‘Chubby Squirrels’ Sky suggested. And we had a bemusing conversation of this new community growing large on the surplus of the surrounding communities.  The squirrels at both Acorn and Twin Oaks are over sized, because at Twin Oaks at least they have easy access to Okara, which is a waste product from tofu production.  Instead of having to work to locate, transport, break and store acorns, our squirrels become large from eating this easily accessible always in the same place soy bean hull and mash.

There are some shocking chubby squirrel images

Both Twin Oaks and Acorn are loosing good interesting people, because they don’t want to wait a year before they move in.  Perhaps Chubby Squirrels will grow large from the members who can’t live at other communities which are on stricter diets.

To be clear, Chubby Squirrels is a working title, this community will almost certainly be called something else.  There are not enough of the people who will actually be residents identified to make a permanent name.  A thus this slightly comic temporary name.  [Chubby Squirrels background]

* Calmer head prevailed and “Dancing Squirrels” was voted down and Living Energy Farm was selected.  A name which feels like it should be temporary to me.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

8 responses to “Why “Chubby Squirrels”?”

  1. Jason Sharma says :

    I would imagine that having a collective business complicates things as far as membership goes, as everyone is now responsible for the meeting the group’s expenses in addition to providing a place to live with an added social structure. I think that in order to expand the size of the group, then business operations would need to expand proportionally.

  2. Kip Gardner says :

    I agree that “Living Energy Farm” should be temporary. That kind of language no longer bespeaks any kind of positive energy or joy to me – sounds like a post-industrial living machine: almost as silly and pointless in its way as some of the “New Age” names that were popular 20+ years ago. Maybe I’m just getting crankier and more in need of positive whimsey in my old age :).

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