Top 12 Facebook propaganda images

As much as Facebook is deeply troublesome and problematic, it does distribute and perhaps inspire some extremely clever pieces of propaganda.  These are my favorites from the last coupe of months.

It’s not warfare if we dont fight back

Why do they hate us?

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8 responses to “Top 12 Facebook propaganda images”

  1. Jason Sharma says :

    Truth, not propaganda. Facebook is a good way of spreading the truth.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Jason:

      This is clearly propaganda, these are stories and images designed to change peoples minds, they are not (with the exception of the Leviticus Tattoo and CIA attack graphic and the gay marriage Venn diagram) factual information.

      And Facebook is actually terrible at spreading truth, it is far superior at transmitting outrageous stories which have not been fact checked. The most recent is the widely distributed story that Fukushima is resulting in statistically significant infant mortality increases in the US. [Here is one of the debunk stories

      It is more likely that someone will share an exadurated or falsified story, because these seem more important or threatening. People often dont check.

      We are trying to change peoples minds, to live more sustainably and to be more fair in their interactions (and to be activated to do things for social justice and sustainability). We want inspiring messages like these to get people excited.

      There is a war for the minds of people going on out there on Facebook, and the first casualty of information wars is the truth.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks
      6 Red 2012

      • Jason Sharma says :

        Propaganda has a very negative connotation. Technically it can be called that, but when I think of propaganda; I think of commercials, junk science, and war posters made by the state – stuff that is misleading or falsified to advance a specific agenda that is favorable to the writer, and that can not be argued against. I agree that there is a lot of embellishment and exaggeration that happens on facebook, but this happens everywhere. Often this stuff can be shut down by encouraging people to do their homework. At least (most people) have the opportunity to leave feedback. How often do people do their homework though? I suppose that depends on what anyone’s friend’s list looks like. I think of it as a channel of communication like any other, though more efficient in some applications.

  2. Chris says :

    It’s propaganda by definition, we just agree with this form. Had quite a few laughs reading this thanks for that!

  3. paxus says :

    Dearest Jason:

    The people who are trying to manipulate you, want you to have a negative image of propaganda, so that messages you like which are guilty of the same bad behavior will be truth and not propaganda. I call it propaganda, because i want people to be suspect and intellectually sharp and critical. Inviting folks, like you, to play devils advocate.

    Paxus at Twin Oaks
    7 Red 2012

    • Jason Sharma says :

      Who doesn’t try to manipulate others? I see where you are coming from, but placing doubt in your own message? You earn bonus points for consistency.

  4. Mulberry Harriet says :

    In 2010 the Pentagon set up the US Cyber Command to coordinate and conduct both defensive and offensive military operations in cyberspace. The Stuxnet virus, designed to destroy Irans uranium-enriching gas centrifuges,Michael Kors, and first identified that same year, is believed to have been a demonstration of the USs abilities to wage war by attacking enemy computer systems. There have already been against Syria. Targets could be military, such as air defences, or critical infrastructure,Michael Kors Outlet, such as the electricity grid or financial systems. Some cyber attacks use malware (malicious software) to gain access to enemy systems in order to either steal sensitive information or gain control of them. Information can be harvested using key logging software that tracks keystrokes, for example. Spoofing involves forging packets of data so that they look as if they come from legitimate sources. There are also data-driven attacks. A common form is the denial of service (DDOS) attack which aims to cripple systems by bombarding them with data, usually using bot-nets large numbers of compromised computers.

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