Rogue Content Engines

“What does logistics mean?”  My son asks earnestly while we are at the playground between Morningstar (where he lives) and Degania.  The Star family has some guidelines about questions, when ever Willow asks you take it seriously and you dont talk down to him in your answer – you respond as you would to an adult.

I describe the content versus logistics dichotomy as it is found in event organizing.  That the workshops topics are the content and logistics is the infrastructure of how people get there and where they sleep, how they register and what they eat.  Willow understands quickly and cuts off my answer.

Is this infrastructure or content?

I am working with this great team on the communities conference.   We hove logistics people, we have people working on outreach and workshop threads.  And we have a blog, it is not uncommon for larger events to have blogs these days.  What is tricky, is the content is often weak in them.

I am blogging for the communities conference and i want to produce quality content.  The article i just wrote on community living not being running away from politics i feel pretty good about.  This conference is hopping on the Occupy bandwagon and looking at how this amorphous political movement can synergistically operate with amorphous residential living movement.  So there is all manner of things i can hit on as this events rogue content engine.

Occupy Toronto – Circa 2011

Watch these spaces, please.

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2 responses to “Rogue Content Engines”

  1. MoonRaven says :

    Thank you for writing this post. It got me to check out the Conference–I wasn’t thinking of going before and now I suspect I will.

  2. Tiffaney Hobson says :

    I’ve been registered for the conference for several months and attended last year also. I’m very excited to discuss chubby squirrels with you and other like-minded folk. Looking forward to some very dynamic conversations and brain storming!

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