If you are really lucky …

If you are really lucky you have have amazing friends who you have historically not made enuf time for but now are figuring out how to do that.  So it is with Sky.  My co-dad is an epic organizer, a gifted DJ, amusing and charming in the extreme and we both feel like we have not built our relationship int he way we would like to.  So now he and his partner Kassia are visiting Twin Oaks with the intention of applying for membership and joining in early 2013.  This is great news actually.  All the Star family will be in the same place at the same time for the first time in a while.

Other wonderful news is that Sky will work with me on posting on the Elephant Journal site which i did the one Wunderlust review on and have abandoned since then.  And we talked about Sky working on with me on the business plan for Chubby Squirrels, including all the various Seed business expansions, which is also exciting.  At the current moment what i am developing for affiliated business with Acorn includes:

  • A Garden Supply Company to supplement the seed catalog
  • Trail gardens of additional varieties of seeds
  • Packing and marketing of the current retail seed business
  • Marketing seeds to farmers (we now do retail and wholesale seeds, but not to farmers)
  • Creating a store front in town, for people to visit and buy community made things (including LEF produce, Twin Oaks hammocks and Tofu, Acorns seeds, etc).

If you are really lucky, when you make an impulsive choice it turns out to be very much the right thing. So in my shoot first type of style i did not consult with my closest advisers when i started talking with Acorn about dual membership and about Chubby Squirrels.  And this week i am really enjoying my time there, the differences in culture between the more institutional and slow/careful moving Twin Oaks and the more family style willing-to-take-chances style at Acorn.  Willow and i have had fun playing so big multi-player magic games.   And Acorn is more of a host of best practices than Twin Oaks is.  More on this soon.

If you are really lucky you live in a largely self sustaining community, which grows most of its own food, shares resources deeply, has almost no crime, supports itself with voluntary work and minimized hierarchy, is economically thriving, home schools its kids and is a model for how the world might be a better place.

i am really lucky.



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14 responses to “If you are really lucky …”

  1. julie blimeycharlie says :

    Luck doesn’t come into it. You chose an alternative path than the ones open to you and you have, with your community, continually invested it with your time, ideas and effort. I look on amazed. Eventually I may even make enough effort to break thru the wall of inertia that the selfish consumerist corporatised world induces and plant my own little Acorn/Twin Oak. As long as I don’t rely on luck that is.

    • paxus says :

      Of course Julie you are right. Lucky to have found the place perhaps, but not lucky to have stayed and built it. When you tire of Babylon, come escape to the woods with us.

  2. moonraven222 says :

    I want many more FEC communities so no one needs to get lucky to live in one.

    • paxus says :

      @Raven i am working on it as much as i can now, and quiting several things so i can focus on it more in 2013. Come to the communities conference and help make it happen even if you are not going to be unable to live in these new communities there are lots of helpful things people can do to help manifest them.

      And i echo your sentiment.

      • moonraven222 says :

        I’ll be at the communities conference. I’ll try to connect with you there.

      • Jason Sharma says :

        It is unfortunate that the people who have the means to start an intentional community tend to be interested in maintaining the status quo. It is an especially challenging endeavor without financial support to acquire land or start a business.

  3. paxus says :


    Wonderful, i will see you there.

    Paxus at Twin oaks
    24 Red 2012

  4. Michael Hobson says :

    Jason Sharma, you are correct which is precisely why I currently find Paxus to be one of the most interesting figures in the communities movement. I truly believe he can pull together the people and resources to start the best thing since Dancing Rabbit and Acorn.

  5. paxus says :

    @Michael – i am flattered. thanks for your compliment. i hope i can meet your (and my) expectation and forecast. And to steal quotes from others. When complimented on his genius, Newton said “If i have seen far, it is because i have stood on the shoulders of giants” [And Acorn and DR are giants]

    • Michael Hobson says :

      You definitely have that luck factor on your side, not that it’s by chance, but lucky none the less. You are in the right place at the right time. It’s hard to believe that when I visited Acorn just 7 years ago, I could count all of the members on one hand. Something has shifted there in the right direction and you seem to have a feel for that. I suppose many people at TO or Acorn have the experience, contacts, resources etc. to take on a project like Chubby Squirrels and I’m sure many of them will participate in some way or another. I’m just glad there is one dreamer in the group crazy enough to get it off the ground. =)

  6. Angie Tupelo says :

    If we’re talking giants, let’s also not forget Kat Kinkade and the other original founders of TO. I’m excited to be part of continuing their legacy, and looking forward to being one of the many awesome organizers who will help contribute.

    • Michael Hobson says :

      I was just re-reading A Walden Two Experiment when Pax started talking about Chubby Squirrels. It was good timing for me to feel excited and hopeful about the new project. I think Kat’s greatest assets were vision and persistence. She had a good idea of what could be and never gave up even when staring in the face of impossibility.

  7. Rob says :

    I am sure uniting with Sky Blue will result in some amazing results. Both of you are extremely creative with well founded beliefs. Look forward to seeing some of the fruits of your passion.

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