Of God and Unicorns

Occasionally, people get upset at the way i run naming parties.  I use a facilitation technique which has been called “Florida Style” after the voter fraud that got Bush II elected.  Let’s just say being precise is not always my priority.  Presumably because i am entertaining in my presentation (and i cant really influence the decision process) i get asked back to run naming parties again.

Over 10 years ago, after we installed the new rope machine we realized we needed a name for it.  We had gone over 20 years without a name for the old rope machine, because there was no need to distinguish it from anything.  But with two side by side, we threw a naming party for both and they were ultimately called “God” and “the State”.  As Marx predicted, the State has withered away and only God is running these days, but the name lingers even tho there is nothing to be comparing it to locally.

Joanna, Kristen, Luuk, Ridgely, Zadek, Sami and Anja are Unicorns School the day this photo was shot

And if you start something new, you can name it, so when Rick and Joanna started the current awesome child care, basic education program in the community (which now meets 5 mornings a week), they decided to call it Unicorns school.

Unicorns is fabulous in my never humble opinion.  It is providing the introductory educational experience for our kids.  It is run by people who love and are good with kids.  It provides child care for the busy parents who are working to support the community and if you watch it (as i occasionally do) you get the feeling like this is the type of environment which is safe and fun and engaging to the kids involved.

And Joanna, who also makes rope, commented the other day that her labor sheet was filled with God and Unicorns.

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5 responses to “Of God and Unicorns”

  1. Scott Busby says :

    I spent many hours with the old rope machine, and a few hours with the newer one. Which one is God? The older one, or the newer one?

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Scott:

      The old one (now partially disassembled) was the State and the quieter, more versatile (but slightly slower) new one is called God.

      Thanks for commenting

      Paxus in Philly
      30 Red 2012

  2. Felarhin says :

    If you get newer ones that don’t break so easily, perhaps you should consider naming them “Death and Taxes”.

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