4 flavors of lies

When I arrived at Independence Mall in Philadelphia this afternoon looking for the Occupy Nat Gat, instead I found many police and paramilitary units from many different different city, state and federal agencie.s. The first perhaps local officer I asked where the gather said:

“I think they have dispersed, I dont think they are anywhere.”

One hundred feet away another officer in a more exotic uniform started talking to me as I approached.

“You dont want to ask me anything.”

“Could you tell me where the occupy national gathering is.”

“No I can not tell you.” His expression was stoney cold.

“Thank you for being so helpful”, i replied in an earnest tone

I asked a younger bicycle riding cop another 200 feet away the same question.

“I really dont know, I have not seen them.” he said earnestly.

A couple of blocks later a park ranger said

“They are at 5th and Market.” Said in a dismissive knowledgeable way.  This address was where this series of questions had started.

Philly police putting on riot helmets, when there are no protesters anywhere near by.

I returned to 5th and Market and spoke the to vets who were there and they said “Occupy is at 6th and Race.” It was common knowledge they had been their all day, since they did not get the permit for Washington Park.

Every cop knew this was true. Everyone knowingly lied to me. My taxes pay for them to lie to me. Something is wrong here.

The Philly police have been preparing with several other agencies for weeks for this event.  They have sophisticated communications systems and they certainly know whee the people they have been brought in to watch and arrest if needed are.


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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “4 flavors of lies”

  1. felarhin says :

    Well, Occupy is against what many cops are trained to believe. If someone came up to you and asked “Hi Paxus, could you kindly direct me to the Nazi party rally today?”, would you be inclined to cooperate knowing that it is not only against your ideals to, but might also cost you some respect among your peers? These are people who are probably having their every word recorded and could stand to lose their jobs if they were seen to be helping you out. I don’t agree with their actions at all, but I do understand their actions.

    Rule of thumb here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Jason:

      If i was a public servant being paid to help people, i would pause before i lied to people who i had an oath to serve. And the Occupy folx have a commitment to non-violence, unlike the Nazi’s who have a commitment to exterminating races they deem inferior. Your analogy is too weak to be useful.

      I would have been completely satisfied with “I am not willing to share this information with you” as an answer. That would have been the truth. But when we are paying government employees to lie to us, then we are building the foundation of a police state.

      Paxus in Philly
      2 Redder 2012

      • Kip Gardner says :


        I fear that the foundations of the police state are already well-laid, although those in power do not yet feel the need to fully exercise the authority that they claim the right to. If Occupy, or any other movement for that matter, felt like more of a threat to them, believe me, they would. Their biggest fear is that the population at large will become immune to being distracted. If and when that happens, that nature of the relationship will become all too clear.

      • Lina Shah says :

        I wouldn’t have added that part about his analogy being too weak to be useful…

        LS, Esq.

  2. felarhin says :

    Also relevant.

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