What a new future looks like

Part of my typical Twin Oaks tour rant goes like this:

If you believe in climate change, or peak oil, or the limits of finite resources on the planet then your really only have two choices.  You can try to convince people from rich countries to consume radically less (trust me this is a hard sell) or you can get folks to shift their ownership patterns to be more efficient in their use by sharing things.

I get that i am decades ahead of my time with this message.  But i like being right, so i will keep pitching it.

2 miles of the track between Brussels and Amsterdam

If i cant get my radical solutions, except here on the commune, i can be happy about liberal things which are happening elsewhere.  Here is a recent European effort.  These two miles of tunnels were built for noise abatement (not protection from trees as this article claims) and designed to support these 16,000 solar panels providing enough electricity to power 4,000 trains.

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3 responses to “What a new future looks like”

  1. Brian Adler says :

    My recent understanding after looking at a graph is that China will be supplying by far the largest ratio of CO2 emissions from now on in ever increasing ratios..

  2. paxus says :

    @brian i dont think this takes us off the hook in anyway for they decades of being in the top spot and the pioneering of wasteful resource consuming cultures. China is mdeling our consumption behaviors, we need to change ours and create a new model

  3. richard w. lisko says :

    I like the look of this future.

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