That special kind of crunchy

Within 24 hours of my arrival in Eugene i had been involved in two different unusual personal processing events.

Erowin arrived at the door in a leopard pattered costume and then switched into bridesmaid dress, which we kept referring to over the night as a prom dress.  She was in one of these high price personal growth systems, which are a bit common in these parts of the world. But she was there to confront the guru or perhaps not.

Erowin had champagne, a leopard suit, a prom dress, explosives, but no plan.

She had been very close with the guru for many years who broke off their connection for a new romance and then did not take responsibility for the hurt that they had caused.  Over the course of Erowin’s performance we saw her go thru a highly animated and intentionally comic emotional processing, which was rich and deep, i was happy for my little part in helping her focus on being emotionally expressive.

The very next day, Abigail and i went to brunch and saw a couple of friends of hers, who were looking for support for their personal situation.  One friend was struggling with reproductive issues and the other main host was quite dissatisfied with their “soul sucking” job.  This included closing all the windows and screaming into pillows so as not to bother the neighbors.  But after the personal processing was complete, the presentation moved into a multi-level marketing pitch for cell phones.  This transition struck me as more than a bit odd.

People talk about there feelings in this town more than most places i have been.  When Abigail asked a casual acquaintance how they were doing at the farmers market, they replied “tender”, not an answer you hear very often.

many expressed feelings

And i think talking about your feelings is quite important, and i have not quite gotten used to how they do it out here in the Pacific North Wet.

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4 responses to “That special kind of crunchy”

  1. Abigail says :

    Oh she certainly had a plan. And we were the perfect people to help her execute it.

  2. Alexandra says :

    This is all very interesting, as I haven’t been in contact with Sky/Paxus since October 1982, when he visited me in Missoula MT. I am looking forward to further info, as I would like to become further involved in the work. Morality is information…

  3. Seby (aka Twigsy on facebook) says :

    I found the social scene in California (bay area) to be pretty crunchy too, in many ways… the crowd I used to hang out with, anyway. There were the granola crunchy hippies and the uber-geek squad, chilling together. 😉 There are some things I definitely miss about the west coast.

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