The water is the hands

Anat has been studying Fluid Presence which is a sister of water dance and a daughter of Watsu. These are all water based therapies with origins in the Japanese healing art Shiatsu. When she told me she wanted to work on me (“to float me” is the language of these arts) i was excited.  I like massage. I especially enjoy her working on my body, water is cool – i am totally game.

i love the reflections in this shot

But it was not what i expected.  We went to the beautiful domes of the Harbin’s former Watsu center, now called just the “Harbin Domes”  We cleared the thin plastic surface off the large pool of a consistent 3 to 5 foot depth.  Anat prefers this pool to the ones at the main area of Harbin, because they are cleaner and emptier of other users.

i floated for over and hour twice in two days.  The second time i fell asleep (i likely would have the first time if i had had ear plugs).  And the reason that it was different than what i expected was perhaps best described this way.

When i went into it i thought the water would take the place of the massage table.  What i found is the water is taking the place of the masseurs hands.

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2 responses to “The water is the hands”

  1. Anat Kolumbus says :

    I liked the way you phrased it – “the water is taking the place of the masseurs hands.” – And that way the provider gets to be the solid hands of the water – adapting to the water’s nature and moving fluidly through it.

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