Haunted House Party and Photos

One of the principal negotiating points with Willow was about Halloween.  He was fine to be gone for months to exotic lands, in fact was looking forward intensely to seeing the pyramids.  But the idea of being gone from Twin Oaks during Halloween was almost unthinkable.

Lyndsey with a bad attitude. Red with a sawzall

Hawina had the solution.  What if we did our own Halloween like event at Twin Oaks, just before we went to Europe and N. Africa?  “What type of Halloween event?” Willow is a hard bargainer.

“What about a Haunted House.” Suggested Hawina

“Cool.  That could work.” replied Willow

Gwen died, sucks actually.

Then things started to fall into place.  Hawina brought together a crack team, which included new member Dawn who it turns out is a former professional haunted house actor and maker.  Diana (formerly Cloud) and Dawn did make up.  Janel hacked up Thea.  Andros electrocuted one of Janels old friends.  Sky was a grumpy and busy grave digger who had a zombie following.  Cookie and Hazel dispensed the trick or treats at the end.  Nina was an impressive giant spider.  Dawn howled and occupied a spooky room.   Corb was a very compelling vampire.  For me tho, the scariest part of the entire thing was Trouts room, where Hawina and i, as tour guides took the group and told them it was the only safe place to rest.  Either Gwen or Kassia or Kaya would sit on the bed.  And just when the guide stressed it was “completely safe” Red would come out with his sawzall and grab one of these three gals.  WHo would then start screaming full on.  They of course knew this was going to happen.  But they put on a very compelling show.

Hawina, Corb and Red


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4 responses to “Haunted House Party and Photos”

  1. germanbini says :

    This looks cool – but Paxus where is YOUR picture? 🙂

  2. Seby (aka Twigsy on facebook) says :

    I so wish you guys were closer! It would be worth it to be there during halloween festivities. Rock on! 😀

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