Poisoned Hot Tub and Improbably arguments

We landed on the night of Dec 26th and i jumped into organizing the party 5 days later in a big way.  One the things the other organizers (Lyndsey and Carly) asked me to seek was content and activities for the event, since they were focusing on food and decorations.  One of the thing i got was a film showing by a friend who was in the area working on the Within Reach release and was going to be in the area for the holiday.

If you had asked me that morning to think hard about the least likely problem i would have had that day, had a thought a lot about it, i might have said “That i will get into an intellectual property dispute about showing a movie on campus.” And so it came to pass that for a couple of hours (until some names got straightened out) this was exactly what was happening.

There was lots of kissing at New Years

There was lots of kissing at New Years – Photo Kassia Arbiba

We successfully deployed the moon bounce and filled the ball pit.  I asked some non-native English speakers to fill the hot tub and they did not read the warming signs on the facet that lead from the furnaces circulating fluid, which is toxic.  So in spite rescuing the hot tub at the last minute, this mysterious toxic water made it unusable for the night.

my favorite DJ - Caroline

my favorite DJ – Caroline –  Photo Kassia Arbiba

And instead of getting frustrated about it, i did a reasonable job of being detached about it and letting it go.

My other favorite DJ - Sky

My other favorite DJ – Sky – Photo Kassia Arbiba

The overall grade for the event was an A- – lives were definitely changed.  More on this in future posts.

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  1. karmakas says :

    um i would love it if you would credit my photos….thanks! –kas

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