Acorn Membership Interview – puff story

I had my membership interview today here at Acorn.  Slightly curiously, Acorn uses the same format as Twin Oaks, you get to tell your life story (which i did in  a record short 40 minutes) and then you answer 101 questions.  I answered these same questions 15 years ago at Twin Oaks.

Having watched people slip through the membership process and then reek havoc on the community once they become a member, i get why we need to be so intrusive about the details of prospective members lives.  And there was a question i was embarrassed about the answer to, which will be the subject of a long delayed future blog post.

the interview was easier than this

the interview was easier than this

But on the other extreme there was the following exchange, between Trevor who was asking the questions and myself.

Trevor: Have you ever been hospitalized or had medication for serious depression?

Me: No.

Trevor: How often would you say you get mildly depressed.

Me: Almost never

Trevor: Wow (and deviating from the script) Why do you think that is?

Me: Perhaps because i am deeply in touch with how lucky i am.

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6 responses to “Acorn Membership Interview – puff story”

  1. Andrew says :

    That’s very exciting! I’ve been doing a lot or research on acorn and twin oaks. It seems like a very great life experience! I hope to visit someday in the near future.

  2. Benjamin Carter says :

    Mr Pax, after getting a peek inside your noggin, I must admit that I feel like I should feel embarrassed for just mucking the place up with my presence. Unfortunately, being ashamed, or feeling any such emotion I find quite hard to achieve now, probably because of how unlikely my life scenario played out, and there is no way to approach the grandeur of those levels of shame and so on.. being as I seem to be approaching life from what appears to be a similar angle as yourself.. I am DYING to know the question that could actually make you squirm under pressure!! The answer to the last question though.. is like the answer I’ve been looking for, for a long time, when people ask me how I could possibly think the way I do.. Here I go dirtying the place up again. ^_^ sorry dude!!!

  3. Seby (aka Twigsy) says :

    I think it would be especially interesting for YOU, to see how your answers to those questions may have changed over the years, from the first time you answered them at TO. 🙂

  4. kelsey says :

    I wrote your answer and hung it up in my room. It is a brilliant, succinct reminder, an in-touch-ness to aspire to and revel in. Thank you.

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