An intricate feral gem

i was caught off guard by Acorn’s acceptance of me as a dual (provisional) member.  It was supposed to happen next Sunday.  And while i was not surprised by the decision, i was slightly relieved to be through the intensive clearness process.  As we might expect, mine is a slightly exceptional membership right from the get-go.


Puck is willing to share his drawers with me!

Because i am a dual member with Twin Oaks,for the purpose of membership count, Puck plus me will be a single member (Puck is also a dual member).  In addition, i will share Puck’s room (Acorn is at its housing capacity, with several people in substandard living situations – someone looking at GPaul’s room in the barn said “you have everything you want in this little room” to which he replied “except insulation”).  


That lack of insulation just makes a boy blush….

The provisional membership process at Acorn normally lasts a year, and for a dual member (who is there half as much) it takes 2 years.  But there is not really much difference in the membership status that affects me.  The dental and health costs which are not covered by Acorn during this period, will likely be covered by Twin Oaks.

My acceptance at Acorn was a triumph over the negative campaigning.  The ringleader of this foul effort was Keenan who wrote:

Acorners, be warned: Accepting Paxus will change your community! There will suddenly be massive multi-day, very disruptive New Year’s parties. The very members of your community will travel to earn thousands of dollars at work elsewhere. He may talk radical, but he is very devious in increasing sales for businesses. You will all be working harder! The place will become riddled with political activists! And lots of guests from totally foreign countries! There will suddenly be a huge influx of young women members! Save yourselves! Don’t accept him for membership and send him back to Twin Oaks where we are already used to his ways.

i love my critics, some of them at least.

The Dakota Clan - Keenan, Kristen and Rowan

The Dakota Clan – Keenan, Kristen and Rowan

i am honored and excited to be part of Acorn.  Acorn feels like an intricate feral gem within the communities movement, and i am going to like polishing it in several places, including right here.  Stay Tuned.

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About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “An intricate feral gem”

  1. Ken says :

    May we all have such fine detractors as Keenan!

  2. Rob Ryder says :

    Congrats. Let me know if you need assistance with the dresser and/or insulation issue with the room. Acorn will definitely be a brighter place with you there.

  3. anissa says :

    hoorah! great news…and keenan, oh keenan…i really needed that belly laugh! x

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