Sue Little Flower is one of my heroes. She lives and works at the Catholic Worker House called Little Flower not far from my communes.

Sue Little Flower

Sue Little Flower

This is a link to her most recent blog post on Rosa Parks, and why the myth around her is disempowering rather than inspiring. BUT i do have a piece of advice, if you ever get arrested with Sue (which i did a few years back) don’t step in front of the magistrate right after her, because the powers that be are going to be in a rip-roaring bad mood having just wrestled with this activist with a very long (and inspiring) arrest record.

Dispatches from Intentional Community

I don’t like to say “never” because, well, you never know. So I guess I tend to operate in a sort of hopeful fatalism, which is why the powerful introduction to Rosa Park’s new autobiography, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks was such a downer. I was looking up Rosa Parks not because it’s Black History Month, nor because I’d heard of the book, but because I’d overheard my 15-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old friend (both offspring of life-long political activists) say, “Who’s Jessie Jackson?” during a game of Apples to Apples.

That’s when I realized that because my two oldest kids had gotten so vocally opposed to being bombarded with ”alternative history” that we’d backed off too much. So, preparing for a new homeschooling class, “essays on our important people”, had led me to the inspiring, yet devastating introduction. In describing the unprecedented commemoration of Rosa Parks during…

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