Acorn delivers the party

There is a friendly rivalry between my two communes (Acorn and Twin Oaks).  Like the younger sister who grows up to get the better job, Acorn has certainly learned from Twin Oaks’s missteps.  But despite the myriad differences, we are far more alike than we are different.  The number of folks not working directly for money, outside of a spiritual context is so small as to be laughable in the US.  Yet bloggers, like myself, are drawn to comment on the contrasts more than the similarities.

When i studied classical economics one of the things which came through early was the advantage of international trade.  The resources and skills of one region would give them a productive advantage over another land which had its own special abilities.  Trading between these countries or regions was mutually beneficial to everyone.  It was this advantage i was aware of last night at the Twin Oaks Validation Day party.

At 8 PM the dance floor was stalled.  Caroline was playing quite compelling music but the Oakers were distracted by side conversations, various treats and their validation day cards.  Around 8:30 the Acorn vehicles started to arrive, and it was like Great Britain discovering East Indian tea – everything changed for the better.

Trout did a fabulous job decorating and with the party lights

Trout did a fabulous job decorating and with the party lights

It is not just that the Acorners are younger on average (by about 10 years).   And despite there being many fewer of them than Oakers (29 as compared with 91 adult members currently) they stormed onto the dance floor and we had a party.  At a bit before midnight, i counted 22 people on the dance floor, a dozen of them had come w/ Acorn.  [While Acorn is only 29 members now, it is more guest/intern/visitor friendly, so for any given event they/we will bring perhaps as many as 25% more participants who are not members but are in the social circle.]

Sometimes, you are really thankful for your little sister.

i also got the best validation day card ever.  Pictures soon.

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3 responses to “Acorn delivers the party”

  1. Keenan Dakota says :

    A lot of Twin Oakers are sick,too. Ditto about Acorn delivering the party.

  2. santalorena says :

    I think the East Indian tea reference may be misapplied. Britain’s discovery of the tea led to worldwide monopolistic corporate domination, military expansion, imperial colonialism, addiction culture, and the subjugation of peoples far and wide. But maybe I’m somehow missing the point.

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