I’ve been telling stories about Willow the last couple of days.

At age 2 Willow said, in response to me asking where some toys were “i assume they are under the tower”

At age 4 when asked what he thought about having two dads he replied “i guess i lucked out”

i guess i lucked out

Also at age 4, Willow was interviewed by some NYU students on film.  He was asked “Willow, what do you have to say to the world?” “More trees, less cars” he blurted out.  “That’s wonderful Willow,” responded the interviewer “what else do you have to tell the world?” “Get that right and then come and talk with me again.” my son quipped.  It was his last interview.

Happy CoDads - 2012

Happy CoDads – 2012

At age 6 when asked what he would say to the police if the car was stopped and he was not in the required car seat “i dont have ID, i will just lie.”

At age 8 after i told him he needed to clean his room he replied “With what authority do you tell me this?”

At age 10 on Dec 21, 2012 at the mythical end of the Mayan calendar when was asked his thoughts on the pending end of the world, he responded “I am fundamentally disinclined to believe any religious text that is found written on a wall”

Stars circa 2003 me, Hawina, Willow, Anissa and Sky

Stars circa 2003 me, Hawina, Willow, Anissa and Sky

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12 responses to “Willowisms”

  1. Ed, ex-T.O. says :

    You must be so proud! Willow is lucky to have a large, devoted family to nurture his sharp intellect. You are lucky too, to be kept on your toes, having assumptions and beliefs questioned/challenged in a loving context.

  2. Scott Busby says :

    Awesome kid!

  3. cardin seabrook says :

    i like the one where he said something like “we’re Not Lost -we have a full tank of gas 🙂 “

  4. tickledspirit says :

    At age 3, when asked what the meaning of Life is, he said “It’s a secret”

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