Why Republicans are dying out

Reuters tells us that the Republicans are trying to rebrand their party.  After losing the presidency, several senate and house seats in the most recent election, this would seem a good time to re-evaluate.  And what was the conclusion of the most recent effort to understand the problem?

Republicans on Monday outlined a broad plan to attract racial minorities, women and young voters – and shed their image as a “narrow-minded, out-of-touch” party of “stuffy old men.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

If we are being more precise we would have said “stuffy old rich white men.”  But this only scratches the surface of the republican parties problems.  [in the spirit of transparency, if you did not know, i am an old white guy with access to resources]

As long as they are wedded to southern Christian conservatives, they will oppose gay marriage, which they are loosing votes on all over the place.  Should there be any doubt left about the political advantage of supporting gay marriage, Hillary Clinton (perhaps the most calculating politician in recent history) has changed her position on this issue and  just signed on supporting it.

We can tell where this is going

We can tell where this is going

As long as they are wedded to xenophobic immigration policies they will lose hispanic votes, in droves.

As long as the Republicans continue to oppose abortion rights, defend rapists and say incredibly stupid and insensitive things about women’s rights, they will continue to lose votes from this “minority” group which comprises the majority of the electorate.

As long as they are convinced they can fool the american voter into giving tax breaks to the rich, by cutting social services to the poor, they will lose black and low-income votes.

Add to this the extremist wing of the party, which includes such charmers as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and it is no surprise that reasonable people are distancing themselves from this madness.  And lest we forget the climate change deniers and tea party wing nuts.

And to top this set of problems off they are on the totally wrong side of the demographic changes in the US which will cause them to keep loosing elections (especially at the national level) in increasing margins as all these minorities grow at a rate faster than the previously dominantly white population.

Neither the tiny number of persons of color and women in the party leadership nor multi-million dollar ad campaigns can “repackage” the fundamental truth that intolerance style conservatism will not sell in the US anymore, despite many years of service to this party in the past.

Not like the democrats are going to save us

Not like the democrats are going to save us

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