Building Metrics – the end of the busy season

“The Seed business’ busy season is over when we have two days in a row of less than 100 total new orders”  i proclaimed recently.

In a time long past i studied economics.  Economists love to define things this way.  A recession is two consecutive quarters with negative growth in gross domestic product.  [Although one of the many rye and weak economist jokes is that a recession is when your neighbor is unemployed and a depression is when you are unemployed.  There is a reason this is called the dismal science.]


We have not quite reached the end of the busy season, which has had me running around in circles in the seed picking room.  i have been employing a few operations research and queuing theory tricks to get us going just a bit faster in filling the flood of orders we have for our mostly organic and heritage seeds.

i dont know this person, but this is definitely the Acorn Picking Room

i dont know this person, but this is definitely the Acorn Picking Room

But the busy season will likely end this week (i also love to make guesses and predictions) and then i will be focusing on running around in circles in different rooms.

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5 responses to “Building Metrics – the end of the busy season”

  1. Eric says :

    It sounds like a thriving business! What are your peak orders like if 100 is a slow day?

  2. Ali says :

    Dearest Eric:

    We were processing 200 to 300 orders in two approval processing’s a day (so twice that number of orders. Business is good, and we just lost $100K in a fire,
    so it is not all roses and champagne

  3. Eric says :

    I saw that post Ali. Sorry to hear it. Best of luck recouping the loss. Do you know how the fire started??

  4. Jacqueline says :

    The wonderful person in the photo is Ashley who used to live at Acorn. She now lives in California.

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