Crafting a better lover

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Loud Love 2014

“What are you trying to do at Loud Love?” Tree asked me

“We are trying to make people into better lovers” i replied.

Not in the limited sense of improving their sexual technique, but in a more holistic sense, these are some of the thoughts i came up with on how we might actually do that.  Or you could look at it as a laundry lists of things you could work on to be a better intimate:

Listening:  It is not just women’s complaint that men don’t listen, everyone wants to be heard.  This is foundational in the idea of  Transparency Tools, that to build deep intimacy and romance you need to pay attention to and hear and see who you are dancing

Trust:  Trust is built on many things, one of them is feeling in control of what is happening to you.  Our Sexy Consent workshop explores this.  Disclosures…

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