Barefoot Bible

i have long been slightly on the fence about going barefoot.  i definitely like the way it feels and i also appreciate the foot protection and speed afforded by shoes.  Today i fell off the fence.

“You know that there are studies showing there is a preventative  effect on Alzheimer’s and other aliments by going barefoot.” Feonix said.

Feonix does yoga int he shadow of the Tapan Zee Bridge

Feonix does yoga int he shadow of the Tapan Zee Bridge

And i saw my mind decisively shift.  Even if there was only a small chance that there were significant health benefits from walking barefoot more often, i live in places where i can often easily be barefoot.  And on this day i was working at a craft fair on the beautiful Lyndhurst estate outside New York City, and i kicked off my shoes.  i carried them with me some, where they made occasionally convenient detached pockets, but mostly this afternoon i was bare foot on grass.    More generally on the commune it is fairly acceptable and accessible to be mostly barefoot, Rowan has modeled this behavior for his full 17 years of life.

Am i sure this is better for me? No.

especially in running there maybe something

especially in running there maybe something

And i don’t need to be completely sure to try something which might be good for me and see how it works.  And it also works for me to step out of shoe conformity, to test whether we have hurt ourselves by donning shoes.

Feonix tree dancing

Feonix tree dancing

And there is a kind of primitive appeal to the entire idea.  What if this presumed benign technology turns out to be the source of a number of problems ? Have we heard this theme before?

There are some interesting tech fixes for runners at least.

There are some interesting tech fixes for the hazards at least.

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6 responses to “Barefoot Bible”

  1. Angie Tupelo says :

    Don’t lie, you’re going barefoot because you keep losing your single set of shoes 😉

  2. paxus says :

    i managed to loose 2 sets of hotel room keys in 24 hours at Tarrytown, before i got fired from having them by Feonix. But i have not actually managed to loose my shoes for an extended period – tho i did steal one of Corbs thinking it was mine after the New Years party.

  3. Will says :

    Actually, you know perfectly well you’re going barefoot because you will always choose the non-mainstream option.

    Barefoot can be much more fun, but keep in mind that studies show very clearly that your risk of dying of a tetanus infection is dramatically higher if you go barefoot.

    OK, I don’t know whether that’s ever actually been studied, but you know it’s true. More to the point, you’re smart enough to know not to take a single study seriously. And think about it, Pax — do you seriously believe that someone has done a competent study comparing Alzheimer’s rates with going barefoot? Use your head, my friend; this “study” is not likely to be science.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Will:

      i rummaged around on the internet before writing this post and there were a number of articles on the benefits of barefootedness, many of them extremely weak in their data or presentation.

      But i am certainly not worried about tetanus, because of the studies of the efficacy of the shots i have taken for it. unless you have something new to tell me on this front.

      And i (like everyone who is privileged enuf to have the option) choose my non-conformities with some deliberation. I dont worship Satan and i do use Crystal Meth, despite the tremendous non-mainstream cred these activities don on the adopter. Just as some people choose to not work full time jobs and own parts of co-housing complexes, Prof Will, despite these being rare activities.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks, with shoes on at least momentarily

      • Angie Tupelo says :

        Really hope that was a typo and should say “don’t use Crystal Meth”, or we’re going to have to have a serious talk mister.

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