Mysterious internet tendencies

i check my blog statistics regularly.  Which generates far more questions than answers for me:

  • Why do i have clusters of readers in Pakistan and in the Philippines?
  • Why do i get so many people finding the blog thru image searches?
  • Why are there some many people who found me by searching for just “Red

So the other day i come in to look at traffic, which has been a bit down recently and i see that there are over 2000 hits for the day on an old post (which i might get 400 or 500 on a popular post most days).  And as i look more carefully, these are all coming in thru an image search for “Bart Map and Schedule”. And when i check further, completely inexplicably to me this image which i put up in that post

How did this end up as number 1 in yahoo.images?

How did this end up as number 1 in yahoo.images?

is now ranked number one on Yahoo Images if you search for “Bart Map and Schedule”.  And almost as quickly as it came up, the traffic from this vanished in the days following this promotion. The image remains in its top ranked position, but the traffic spike abated.

This is an image i stole from the regular BART site, as i presume hundreds of other people have.  But for mysterious reasons i have been promoted to this top spot.

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

7 responses to “Mysterious internet tendencies”

  1. PJ says :

    So two countries on the top ten list of “terrorists nations” AND the term “RED”!? Don’t tell the department of homeland security!

    Although…something tells me you would LOVE to tell them that… 😉

    • paxus says :

      My dangerous boastfulness and immodesty does not extend to agents of the state – who we only hope are too taxed with legitimate work to spend their time on this blog. My instant research into the CIA’s top 10 terror states does not show the Philippines. But perhaps you have a better inside track ?

      • PJ says :

        Well, I do know that the phillipines has had quite a bit of terrorist problems for a while now. A quick search also brings up this:

        a count of nations with terrorist groups, or so-called terrorist groups. which is one way to count their issues. It isn’t exactly CNN, but then CNN isn’t really CNN. One way is as good as another to count such things, as no one really has a great handle on terrorism.

        Did I bother you with my joke?

  2. paxus says :

    @PJ – absolutely not. i am happy to have good hearted (or what i feel are good hearted jokes) pointed at me. i am a boastful public figure. And with some regularity, i blow away comments on this blog i find annoying or i just dont want to bother to respond to. And your list looks fully legit. THo what is fascinating about both yours and my list is that Russia (with a huge number of ICBMs and a giant standing army and a full on Chechan revolt going on) does not make either list.

    Paxus at Acorn

    • PJ says :

      Oh, good. I don’t always know when my brand of humor gets by on the internet.

      Good point on Russia. I suspect that is has a lot to do with the influence that Russia has, despite that whole “Ex-super power” rap they get. Especially considering the waves of nationalistic talk going around these days over there. I think maybe people are a little too afraid of poking the bear. Could you imagine what we might do if someone called us a terrorist state or a nation that houses mutliple terrorist groups?

  3. bentokin says :

    Well you know how I stumbled upon you.. an image link to a cannibas law map. 🙂 Your blog is one of just a few that I read on the reggie. Must say I love it.. vicarious living at it’s near finest =D. Keep on keeping on from a young looking 37 year old that feels 72 or so.. (and do you think having hair to your ass and a strong work ethic helps when joining a community such as yours’? or nah?)

    • paxus says :

      Dearest bentokin:

      That map was another traffic spike, got a lot of hits from that, but i did not post it on the FB site, someone else picked it up i needed to hunt that one down. Glad you are enjoying the blog, happy to help you live vicariously.

      Having hair on your ass is not usually part of our interview process, but having a strong work ethic and having reasonable social skills are usually enough.

      Paxus at Acorn

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