PAL and Bedrooms

There is a new blog in town called Running in ZK. Here is one of the earlier articles by returning member Rayne on her experience landing in a new room. If you are interested in the insiders view of Twin Oaks, you should follow

Running in ZK

After you become a full member at Twin Oaks, you can take up to a year long leave of absence (which we call a PAL) and return without having to do the visiting process over again. Basically, you drop your membership status for the time you are away, and you return as full member with your previous labor balance intact. If you have lived at Twin Oaks for three or more years, you have the right to return to the bedroom you were living in before you went on PAL.

I have just returned from a PAL. I lived at Twin Oaks for two years before I left last fall to attend a doctoral program in American studies. I’ve decided that grad school isn’t for me, but I did enjoy getting to live in a college town for two semesters. Getting to choose my own foods and living in walking…

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