On being a new manager

How to go from being an IT person to being a farmer, in one hard lesson.

Running in ZK

Within four months of moving here, I became manager of the dairy program at Twin Oaks.   I have no prior experience in animal care, no prior experience with farm work in general, and really, no prior experience with physical work of any kind.  I was a computer programmer prior to moving here, for god’s sake.

I think I just appear competent, and fortune smiles on the apparently useful, or whatever the proverb is.

But my situation is only unusual insofar as dairy is a beloved and complicated area involving the caretaking of living creatures.  It is very typical for new members to take on a managership.  One of the first things I remember being told about Twin Oaks was: “There are more manager positions than there are people.”  I’m not even sure this is true, but let’s say it is.  Not a shmuck?  Be a manager.  Please?

I can’t say…

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